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What a shambles at Manchester United. And it's not going to get better any time soon.

David Moyes looks shot to pieces. I feel sorry for the guy, but there's little more I can add on the subject. I refer you to my previous Blogs. He's got to go.

I would make that decision now. Before next week's game v Bayern Munich.This Utd team will get embarrassed by the German champions. Destroyed. So why wait?

Ryan Giggs is going to manage Manchester United one day soon, that's a certainty.

Either bring the timeline forward and make the apt now, which I would do, or.......I'll come back to that.

I learned this week one of the agreements Fergie had with Moyes was that he wouldn't disrupt the backroom staff. Fergie was furious when he did.

That might account for the 'genuine' lack of support - and his constant hanging about the place denying Moyes the chance to get in and do the job his way.

But that 'or......'  Or go and get Mancini to fill the void until Giggs is ready. That was the thinking of half the Utd Boardroom last summer.

Except the idea then was Mourinho.

Mourinho would've kept Utd competitive. Mancini would do now. And what a way to get right in the face of the 'noisy' neighbours!

Mancini is just like Fergie - arrogant, determined, aloof, a fighter - he takes no prisoners.

It won't happen of course, so it's over to Giggs.

And if I was making decisions at Arsenal Mancini would be my next call. I think everybody at The Emirates needs a change, including Arsene Wenger.

The last thing I want to see happen is that Wenger ends up getting fired. He deserves better than that.

He's been awesome at Arsenal and for English football in general. 

I hope he wins the FA Cup this season and then decides to walk.

Arsenal then need to think very hard about the next man in. Do they go down the same route - pretty but ineffective football - or take a slightly different direction.

Mancini would certainly do that

As well as all of the above - he's a winner!  Look what he did at City. No more the 'nearly' men. He transformed the place and with it, expectation.

Quite simply, he delivered. He's one of the game's coaching 'giants'.  Food for thought eh? 




  • Paul Dunne Wednesday, 26 March 2014


    Richard, follow you on twitter & really enjoy your posts here. Normally considered & informative, but Im shaking my head having just read your last post. You'd consider Mancini a good choice for the hot seat at OT? The same Mancini that couldn't get City out of their group in the Champs Lge (not once but twice)? The same Mancini that with all of Citys riches managed to finish 11 pts behind Utd in the premier league last year? Unless of course with your (real) red history you're only saying that so that he'd drag Utd further & further down the league...

  • Ricky Strong Wednesday, 26 March 2014

    Giggs as manager

    Richard, I wish that you wrote a new post every hour, love reading your blog.

    Right, having now retracted my head out of your arse. Giggs. Do you honestly think he could go on to become a great manager for us? An article in the Telegraph was suggesting that Neville and Scholes are looking to displace the current setup - do you think the class of '92 could be a long term prospect for us?

  • Carmelo Gabriele Thursday, 27 March 2014


    I have to admit I love the fact that you mentioned Mancini with Gyggs waiting in the wings I agree with you... I am a born and raised Inter fan, I have even met Mancini, he kinda reminds me of Dalglish in certain ways, an old fashion Italian "trequartista" that actually as had an excellent managerial career everything included... he certainly wouldn't care about roughing a few feathers, fitness regime & defensive solidity, tactical awareness & single minded determination to win medals... But I actually think the best man for the job would be Diego Simeone. IF the aim is to win next year & really light the EPL on fire with shape, pressing, 2 up top & work-rate...woof! have you seen Atletico Madrid? and maybe he could bring Diego Costa & Koke from Atletico, and Benatia from AS Roma... CIAO!

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