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What a week. All the ingredients that support the views of those of us who believe our league to be the best in the world.

I accept that there are elements that make La Liga and perhaps others, technically better, but no league in the world provides the same spine tingling drama as ours. In no other league could the team bottom go to the home of title chasers and blow their dreams apart - as Sunderland and Norwich have done to Chelsea. Imagine if Mourinho had won those games. The final Saturday would see the other two chasing them! Incredible.

But it look like City now. Fair play to them. I had serious reservations about their attitude after Sunderland got a 2-2 there and Liverpool had beaten them. But they've proved me wrong. The best team will win and right now they look like they'll win it.

Liverpool can only blame themselves. Gung-ho at home against Chelsea and they didn't need to be. They only needed a point from that game so set up to get it. But then to compound the naivety at Palace - it's almost beyond words. How can you let a three goal lead go in the final 10 mins? Moses on as sub and not Agger  to shore things up? Incredible. And a bit naughty of Rodgers to blame the players. 'Roy of the Rovers' approach. He's the man in charge.

I would have loved to have seen them do it for the 96, but it's not to be now. The table says they can still do it. But it's over.

Chelsea have done well. Same group of players that Benitez had but they're 20 points better off. It was a 'proper' challenge, but I wonder how Abramovic will view it? Did Mouninho play too many games in the end?

Abramovic bought the likes of Oscar, Mata, Hazard and Willian to play 'football'. These guys are not for Mourinho. I warned in August Mata would not survive long under him. I said Luiz would go as well. He will - to Barcelona.

I am not convinced Mourinho will at The Bridge at the start of next season. There's a major power struggle going on again. He has been trying to make the point about Chelsea not being 'tough' enough all season, playing without a center forward, criticizing Hazard etc. There will only be one winner - and it won't be Jose.

By the way - they were into Diego Costa before the C Lge semi final 2nd leg playing games with his head and making all kinds of overtures and offers. It didn't work !

Mourinho also wants Courtois back at the club. Understandable. But the keeper does not want to leave Spain. If Chelsea force it through he won't sign another deal. Atletico will wait for him.

Well done Sunderland. Fantastic effort. And the Baggies. Sorry to see Fulham go but no sympathy whatsoever for Cardiff. It is a disgrace the way Vincent Tan has treated Malky Makay. Pay him what he's due and move on. And let's see if you can get back after  a season top from start to finish, which is where Makay had Cardiff in the Championship.

I am still expecting Utd to announce Van Gaal as Moye's successor on Wednesday morning. And de Boer will say 'yes' to Spurs IF it's offered. But it's an 'if' now. I will keep you all updated .........


  • Rafa Dalgliah Tuesday, 06 May 2014

    Rich called it!

    Spot on about Mourinho and Mata. You called it at the beginning of the season. A ruddy great season when all is said and done. As a Liverpool fan you can't argue with the table over 38 games. Like shakira's hips, it don't lie. Hate to say it but Steven g is done.

  • samuel Tuesday, 06 May 2014


    This is nice richard ur the best

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