The Class of 92

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I do wish Ryan Giggs all the luck in the world this weekend. He's a good guy.

He also happens to be, not just a Manchester United legend, but someone the Premier League and the English 'game' can be rightly proud of.

Obviously there was the affair with his brothers' wife.

Whilst not looking in any way to dismiss an unsavoury blot on his cv, this was and should be a private family matter and none of us knows enough about it to comment on.

Giggs might just be the answer to Utd's prayers. He might just be 'new' Guardiola. There are many similarities.

But he'll need more than the 'Class of 92' to help if that's to be the case.

Mike Phelan remains willing and able to return to OT.  Rene Meulenstein would be a tremendous addition to the backroom again.

With those two in place - and Fergie steering - Utd could put it all back together again. I said this before the C Lge quarter final with Bayern.

That's when they should've made the change.But they won't do this.

They'll push ahead with their plans to get Van Gaal and Giggs will be 'part' of an on-going turbulent period in Utd's history - until he is finally given the reigns.

Go further back, how Utd must wish they'd given Mourinho the job after Fergie.

That prospect split the Board, with one club legend threatening to walk out if it happened. They should've let him.

Mourinho would've kept the club competitive for three years before either walking away, or being forced to do so, but by then Giggs would've been ready.

I'm sorry for Moyes. Granted, he didn't do himself any favours. And he didn't want to listen.

But he deserved more support from the man who told the OT faithful to back him, but then met Ed Woodward on Thursday last week BEFORE the Everton game and agreed he had to go. Shameful.

The Class of 92 don't come out of this unsavoury episode too well either.

They clearly ganged up on Moyes. Paul Scholes TV appearance was 'encouraged' by one of the ring leaders.

This is my favourite P Lge player of all time, who took 20 years to say anything of consequence and when he did it was designed to bury Moyes!

Phil Neville I like enormously. He's been caught in an impossible position. Whatever the future holds for him he'll do it well.

One last thing. And I've mentioned this before. His brother can't keep trying to serve so many 'masters' and believe he can be honest to them all.

Gary joining Sky was an idea that both Geoff Shreeves and I had. We sat and talked him into doing it over a bowl of chips in Manchester's Radisson Hotel.

And he's done as well and better than we thought he might. Fair play to him, but he's got another decision to make.

He can't keep steering and trying to influence matters at Utd from a tv studio.

His media career compromises his 'football' career in every aspect and Monday night proved that.

There was nothing he could really say about what was happening at Utd. If I knew what was - he did!

I believe he'd make a tremendous full time coach. Maybe now is the time to make that decision.





  • Jorwe Wunneberg Friday, 25 April 2014


    You are a truly inspirational presence in our glorious 'game'

  • Rafa Dalglish Friday, 25 April 2014


    It would appear somebody was taking notice of the points raised in your post Rich! Ruddy spot on as usual. We need Andy & Richard back on UK TV ASAP!

  • Patsy McGinty-Bareback Friday, 25 April 2014

    Patsy McGinty-Bareback

    There must be 20 odd insightful points in this post. I knew my friend Richard would make a successful blogger. Thank you Richard.

  • Smashie and Nicie Friday, 25 April 2014

    Reigns of Castamere

    Can't wait until he is finally given the 'reigns'

  • Gboyega Friday, 25 April 2014


    Obviously, the legend mentioned is Sir Bobby Charlton. And that's what legends do: allow emotions cloud their reasoning

  • Kris A'wooga Friday, 25 April 2014

    Adore Keys

    You talk sense Mr! Sky and the United Britain misses you and your funny jokes and your furry, cuddly style on the TV box. If only Michael Owen has your charisma!

  • Gooneroptimist Friday, 25 April 2014


    Man U supporters would not have accepted defensive football.

  • Seamus Rolex Friday, 25 April 2014

    Lovely stuff

    This is 'excellent'. 10 on 10.

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