Salah is tops on the ‘scream-ometer’

Published: Monday, 02 November 2020

We had this conversation on BeINSPORTS. I said to Andy ‘so which team is playing better than they were last season?’  

Liverpool? No. United? No. City? No. Arsenal? Not really. So that leaves Chelsea and Spurs. Of course, I’m referring here to the teams that can seriously mount a title challenge. As well as Everton started, I don’t think anyone really believes they can stay the course. The same applies to most of the other early season front runners - but I’d make Wolves an exception. I don’t think they can - or will - but they might. Confused? Sorry. But you get what I mean? They just keep surprising us. So maybe!

I had Chelsea down to finish 2nd in my pre-season predictions. Nobody takes those calls too seriously - unless you suggest  Everton might give Liverpool a serious run for their money - then the red half of Merseyside spend all their waking hours abusing you. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

I had Liverpool top - and they’re still my favourites. They’re winning games, despite not playing anywhere near their best - but they’ll need more going forward.

Chelsea are getting better every week. I wasn’t sure what Frank Lampard was trying to do in the first few games - but they’re settling now and looking good.

It’s Spurs that I’m most pleased to see emerging as a force. I didn’t have them in my pre-season four because I wasn’t convinced Mourinho could get enough of his squad to buy into the way he works. It looks like he might’ve done though. He’s got plenty of good players and the dissenters don’t appear to be damaging the mood. I see a real determination about them. I think the boys that are with Mourinho know they’re onto something.

I’m chuffed for the manager as well. I haven’t always been a fan - but having spent time with him here in Qatar he won me over completely. Don’t listen to those who tell you he’s past his best. That’s an opinion based more on hope. Mourinho is a winner. He’s everything that Spurs have rarely been. Believe guys. This really could be your season.

It’s a damned good job that Gareth Bale came up with the winner v Brighton or all hell would’ve let loose. I’ve seen some bad calls from our refs over the past 18 months or so but I’ve never seen one as ridiculous as Graham Scott’s when he decided Solly March hadn’t halved Hojberg just before Brighton’s equaliser. I’m sorry - what did he see? Or rather not see. It was a foul in real time and Scott was looking at it. It was a foul when he was asked to review it - and it was a foul after he had. It was a foul - full stop.

Scott left the pitchside monitor telling Harry Kane ‘I think he got a touch of the ball..’ You ‘think’ Graham? Really?You can’t ‘think’ when you make a decision. You have to be certain. It was a foul. Mind you, I’m sure Stockley Park would’ve come up with some nonsense to justify the decision had it affected the game. Do you remember Tammy Abraham getting a kick up the arse at Norwich last season? That was a foul, but it wasn’t given. Norwich nicked the ball - just like Brighton - and scored. We were told the goal was good because Chelsea had had the time to ‘re-set’. So Spurs must also have done - and on that basis, why was it even referred to VAR? It’s a joke. They make it up as they go along. Someone is also reading this blog - or was it simply a co-incidence that a ref stuck by his original decision having been to a monitor? That’s the first time it’s happened this season. I said last week that I was waiting for an example - but you chose the wrong one guys.

Oh, by the way Mssrs Scott and Moss. It was a foul by Kane on Lallana - he made a back. And Brighton should’ve had a pen. It’ll be interesting to see if Scott gets a game next weekend. My guess is he could well he ‘rested’. He had a shocker - and VAR wasn’t any better.

One last thing - a plea to those who play the game - please lads - stop the screaming. We knew it was a growing trend because we could ‘see’ it when there was a crowd. Now we can hear it. Salah’s murderous howling was embarrassing. He’s not alone - but he’s one of the worst offenders. He was lucky not to be booked for simulation. With him challenging for top spot on the ‘scream-ometer’ are Mane, Rashford, Martial, Fernandes and Pogba. Is that why United have had so many pens again this season? They’ll doubtless justify it on that basis - but it really isn’t good. Cut it out.