Come on Fergie - tell us what you think is best for Utd

Published: Monday, 04 September 2023

It’s time Utd’s legendary Sir Alex Ferguson to get off the fence and tell their fans what he thinks is best for the club going forward. 

My initial thoughts got quite a bit of traction when I said this on beINSPORTS Sunday, and I thought it was something worth following up today.

To the best of my knowledge - this is where we are with the takeover saga. The Glazers put the club up for sale very nearly a year ago now. They want $10b for it. It’s not worth that. They are being greedy. If they achieved $5b it would be a world record sale - still steep, but that figure is achievable.

All along there’s only ever been two realistic bids - Jim Ratcliffe’s and the Qatari Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamer Bin Jaber Al-Thani’s. Both have money - and plenty of it, but you can be sure they’ve got it because they don’t splash it about recklessly.

We read that Ratcliffe has considered keeping some of the Glazer family at the club if he wins the bid. That rules him out as far as I’m concerned. Utd fans would never accept that.

So that leaves Sheikh Jassim - and this is where Fergie comes in. He’s got to go public on the takeover now.

Here’s my question Sir Alex - should the Glazers sell or retain ownership of the club? It’s not difficult. It’s got to be one or the other, but which is it?
Whatever Fergie says - and he’s earned the right to have a say - will resonate. 

Utd fans deserve to know what the greatest football manager of all time thinks. They know he was happy enough working for the Glazers when he was manager, but what about now that he’s just a fan? Just a fan - not quite, but you know what I mean. 

I can’t believe that Fergie doesn’t think it’s time for the Glazers to go. Look - I know it’s their club and I’ve always argued that an owner can do as he or she pleases while that’s the case, but the current stand-off can’t be allowed to go on.

The last year has been a total waste of time at Utd. They’re no longer a ‘go to’ destination for top players. Whilst the Glazers have been messing about chasing a greedy deal, so many other clubs have left Utd in the blocks when it comes to growth.

Even Brighton are running rings round them in the transfer market. Everyone is. Look at Chelsea. Liverpool have replaced the Fab Four and some. Newcastle, Spurs. Arsenal - they’re all doing business that’s way better than Utd’s.   

It’s not entirely fair to say that the Glazers haven’t found money for ten Hag and I guess there’s an argument that he’s the one that’s spunked fortunes on bang average players, but the uncertainty can’t help when Utd are trying to attract big names.

There has to be a resolution to the ownership issue. Fergie can help. If he believes Utd are in good hands - say it. If not - tell the Glazers it’s time to go and do it publicly.

There’s not a lot more I can say about what’s happening on the pitch. You know my feelings. The capitulation at Arsenal means that they’ve now picked up only one point from a possible 30 on the road against last season’s top nine. That’s a damning stat.

There’s no question that Arsenal looked more solid with Gabriel back in the side. I hope Arteta has learned his lesson - he’s too clever by half sometimes. All that nonsense last week about flat tyres, the M25 and 43 different formations during the game v City. It was ridiculous. 

Spurs purred at Burnley. How Postecoglu must be regretting sending a reserve team out to play against Fulham in the League Cup. When you’ve had so many barren years without a trophy it’s a scandal to toss off a chance to win one. So few PL teams take the competition seriously and we know why, but it’s almost a gimme if you do. 

He got away with it because the League form has been so good, but I’d be furious if I was Daniel Levy. It was a poor call by Postecoglu. 

Newcastle is an interesting one. It’s three straight defeats now. It was 23 games before they lost three last season. So what’s happened? 

I said at the start of the season that I fancied them for the top 6. I still do, but it struck me watching them at Brighton that if they’re not all at it - all of them nine out of ten every week, then perhaps they’re only average after all. This is a big season for Eddie Howe. 

Let’s finish with Chelsea. What is going on there? Pochettino now says he needs time to mould a team. There isn’t any time Poch. The time is NOW. Sort it out for goodness sake.