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I wonder how many times we've all said 'I didn't see that coming'? Or 'there's nothing left that will surprise me in football'. Both apply to the departure of Tony Pulis at Palace.

What a surprise. And how about the timing? It simply couldn't be worse from Palace's point of view.

Tony rightly was named Manager of the Year last season. What a job he did hauling Palace off the bottom to safety. Not just safety, they were going so well at one point I had them down to take one of the Europa League places! 

Truth is it was a fragile relationship. Tony was never quite convinced by Palace's commitment. Nor by their co-owner, Steve Parrish's belief in him. That was a shame because nobody could be more committed to Palace than Steve.

At Stoke Tony was largely allowed to get on and do what he wanted by Peter Coates. And no one can argue that he didn't deliver.

He wanted the same freedom at Palace. If Parrish questioned his buying policy he saw that as interference. On more than one occasion Tony was frustrated because Parrish blocked signings. 'Too old' he would argue. Or 'too expensive'. But you can understand his worries.

Palace are a club that's been through the mill. Let's not forget that Parrish and bis partner picked up a club that had gone bust under Simon Jordan.

They'd been there before. Remember the farce that unfolded under Mark Goldberg?

Both good Palace men. But both got carried away with what it was possible to achieve at Selhurst Park. There's no way Parrish is going that way again. He's quite right to protect his club. It's his investment and no Palace fan wants to re visit the places they've been. 

Tony is also within his rights to walk if he believes his chances of following up on last season are being frustrated. I just find the timing strange. Why now? Or is there more to it than meets the eye. Should we expect an early season sacking elsewhere and Pulis to be back in business sooner rather than later? 

One thing is for sure. There won't be a shortage of applicants for his job. Palace are a good club.