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Wow! What a World Cup. Really enjoyed it - and from a personal point of view it completed the set for me! I've covered more than15,000 games during the past 23 years, but never a WC final. Until now. 

Was it the best ever? I don't know. The memory plays tricks and we get very sentimental about the past so lets work on the basis it was - simply because it was the most recent. A record equalling haul of goals. Fewest yellows ever for a 32 team tournament. Fewest red cards as well. And despite all the reservations Brazil pulled it off. Congrats to all - except those on the Technical  Committee that made Messi the 'Player of the Tournament'. What were they watching?!?

Big thanks also to all of you who followed the WC diaries. It was originally just going to be a bit of fun, but they caught fire! I've been inundated with requests to carry on so we'll see what we can do ahead of the new season.

All the guys that joined us were terrific - Keegan, Souness, Coleman, Zola, Moyes, Salgado, Heskey, Zenden - the lot. Apologies if I've missed anyone out. 

Spending time with David Moyes was fascinating. Listening to his side of the story you can't help but feel for him. My view is that he was well and truly tucked. And the three guys who did more than most to bury him know who they are. So does he.

I love having an exchange of views with you. Well, most of you. Until recently I had never blocked anybody on Twitter, but I'm finding myself having to do so more and more. What is it with some if you guys? Why the abuse? We don't have to agree all the time - I've always said an exchange and difference of opinion is healthy - but just because we don't agree why resort to vile bullying? 

Briefly, I'll answer some of you. I resigned from Sky. Simple. I wasn't pushed nor was I sacked. I left of my own accord after they sacked Andy. My views on that are well known. He was a scapegoat for the mis-deeds of others, some of whom have since faced justice, others have slipped away quietly and hope to surface again elsewhere. I doubt it will happen. Not if the FBI pursue their investigations. 

What subsequently happened to both of us, and our families, was a disgrace. If any of you who constantly abuse and bully truly knew what we went thro you would hang your heads in shame. One day you will because I intend to name and shame, but now is not the time. Perhaps it would all have been different if instead of illegally and secretly recording chosen sections of our general studio pre-match I'd just called somebody a c**t on air. Amazing isn't it?!?

And a word for those who get all wound up about club issues. I don't make anything up. I report what I hear and sometimes it has the effect of changing minds. Sometimes events change plans. No Moyes - no Cavani nor Kroos at Old Trafford. As for naming rights - let's wait and see how the influence if Adidas grows.

On Jack Wilshere. Good on him. Relax Jack and ready yourself for a new season. There's a time and place for everything. On holiday with your mates is the place to let go. Familiar to any of you? Of course it is. This might shock you - but players both drink and smoke! They always have. Even the very best. The very very best. None more so than the Italians, who've won 4 WC's by the way! And we're constantly told they're more professional than most.

Are players role models anymore than Rock stars? I don't think so

And as for George Graham's criticism of Wilshere and Wenger. I don't wish to make light of his problems, but where were you George when Tony Adams spent a decade drunk? Often turning up for work drunk? And Merson? And there were more than one or two others.

See what I mean. On every subject here - the memory can play tricks and be selective can't it?

I'll continue posting. I'm off to Mallorca at the weekend. And then I'm cruising again. I'll stay in touch.......!    

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