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It was the week that didn't just rock the football world - it rocked the world and football. Big difference. The FBI raid on FIFA's  65th congress HQ in Zurich on Weds morning made headlines everywhere. Quite literally everywhere.

Sepp Blatter's re-election as President of the organisation isn't the end of the story, it's the beginning. That's something I do agree with Greg Dyke about, but I'm at odds with him on a number of other matters.

Before I discuss them lets get this on record. I don't know how much, if anything, Blatter knew or knows about the allegations made by the FBI this week. In truth, few do. But, I do believe the time for change had come and that Blatter should've stepped aside. It might be that events yet force the issue, but right now he's re-elected with a sizeable majority in a democratic vote.

This is where I part company with Dyke, David Gill and the English FA. We're not going to change anything standing on the sidelines screaming and shouting like an errant parent watching their child play on a Saturday morning - something the FA is strong about wanting to stamp out.

As I've mentioned in one or two Twitter exchanges this week, the people making the most noise in an argument can't be presumed to be correct. In fact, it's very often the opposite. And then there's those who resort to name calling. Tell me, just exactly what does that achieve?

No. My view is that we SHOULD be involved right at the very heart of FIFA and Gill has spurned a wonderful opportunity to do that by refusing to sit on any committee chaired by Blatter. Again, I can only think of stroppy schoolboy analogies.

Instead it's likely that Trefor Lloyd Hughes, the President of the FA of Wales, will take the seat that Gill has walked away from. His reaction on the news yesterday 'I'm still upset at the way I was treated by the English'. It's a reference to the fact that Wales believed it was their turn to sit in the executive following Jim Boyce's retirement. I can't see too many favours coming our way from Trefor then can you?

I know and like David Gill. He did a tremendous job as Chief Exec at Manchester United, fighting on behalf of the Glazers and upsetting many Utd punters along the way. It's not easy pleasing all the people all of the time eh David?

I know and like Greg Dyke. He was my Guv'nor at Tv-AM all those years ago, but there's a few matters he seems to have conveniently forgotten about during his time at the FA. For instance, whose idea was the P Lge Greg? As head of LWT, who tried to set up a breakaway competition with the then 'big 5' condemning the rest of the English game to almost certain oblivion. Yes, that's right Greg - you. And as we prepare to welcome the great and the good back into the Royal Box for today's FA Cup final read this from the excellent Brian Reade

In the Mirror today. 

In The Telegraph today Gary Neville is arguing for ANOTHER player boycott. He says 'if stars like Messi and Ronaldo boycotted the WC, the regime would be finished'. Come on Gary.

Before you all start screaming and shouting - and hurling more daft name calling insults in my direction - let me finish.

Gary comes from a family of top class people. I've known his Dad, Neville, for years. Nice guy. Phil is a very close mate. And I repeat what I've stated here more than once - it was my idea, along with Geoff Shreeves, to get Gary for Sky Sports. He's done brilliantly, but I do wish people would challenge him more often, and I'd still love to see him in a debate about football with Andy. That was the original idea!

So this has nothing to do with a dislike of Sky or Gary. But player boycotts? Come on Gary, you tried that once as an England player over mis-placed support for Rio Ferdinand, and ended up facing an embarrassing climb down. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Boycotts never do. Could you imagine trying to persuade either Ronaldo or Messi not to go to a WC? Who do we suggest shouldn't go from England? Rooney? Good luck with that call as well Gary, although as England coach it should be easy to make.

More than ever this is a time for the rule of the ballot box. All through time that has never changed. We're threatening to reduce ourselves to some kind of third world rabble that takes to the streets to stir up trouble trying to persuade the minority that the majority got it wrong.

We need a strident, calm and disciplined approach to the alleged ills at FIFA now.

Whisper to FIFA's sponsors. Whisper to Government. Gently persuade and cajole. Running up and down that touchline screaming and shouting isn't going to change anything. In fact, it'll have the opposite effect.

It appears that people at home believe the more noise created about perceived wrong doings at FIFA the more effect it'll have. Let me tell you, sitting where I do now - outside the UK borders - it doesn't. Again, it has quite the opposite effect. The rest of the world sees us as arrogant and living in a land that time forgot. Yes, we gave football to the world, but we don't own it. Why do you think it is that so many of them want to give us a bloody nose so often? We'll never get another WC like this.

Like it or not, Blatter is back. None of us knows for how long. But trust me, talk of boycotts, screaming and shouting and bullying isn't going to get us anywhere. Especially when you take much of Brian Reade's article into account today. 

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Why is it that when somebody gives us bad news, we always respond by saying 'you're joking'? I found myself doing just that when first Peter Reid, and then Andy, called me yesterday to say that Andy King had collapsed and died. 'You're joking'. How stupid. Of course they weren't joking. Why would they about something so desperately sad?

At the time I was watching the furore unfold in Switzerland and, although I didn't initially want to get dragged into that mess, in the interests of fairness I'll come back to it.

But to Kingy first - and a real football tragedy.  Why? Somebody so young. Somebody so full of 'life'. Somebody who was just fun to be around. And a real football talent. In today's market he'd be worth a fortune.

He was one of the first professional footballers that I got to know well, during my formative years in broadcasting on Merseyside. He was 20/21 at the time and as Bobby Robson once said of Gazza 'as daft as a brush'.

He was always either in trouble, or on the fringes of it - both at work and at home, where he led his first wife Sue a merry dance. He was never malicious, just daft. He loved her, and their daughter Jamie deeply, but sadly it wasn't to last.

On the pitch he was dynamite. He had that wonderful habit of being able to score goals from midfield. And lots of them. None better for Everton fans than the one he cracked past Ray Clemence in the derby to end '7 years of misery'. They'll know exactly what I'm referring to. He was an Evertonian to the core. It broke his heart when they sold him to West Brom. He was never the same player again and sadly it didn't end well when he went back to Goodison for a second spell. But he never stopped loving the club. It gave him some kind of solace to know that Evertonians never stopped loving him.

There are many stories, like the one when he called Tommy Smith 'beans on toast face' in another derby at Anfield and then hid behind Mike Lyons for the rest of the game! Who in their right mind would insult Tommy?!? Wonderful Andy. Typical Andy. Stupid Andy!

The last time we spoke was when he came on Keys&Gray at TalkSPORT to celebrate the anniversary of that 1-0 derby winner. The day ended with him and reporter Richard Duckinfield being thrown off the pitch at Goodison by an over zealous Merseyside bobby. Remember? You must have seen it? Brilliant.

Andy was an original. A one off. His new minder Mick Harford will miss him more than most. But I will too. We will. Evertonians will. There will always be a special place for Andy King in the hearts and minds of those who he gave so much enjoyment to. RIP Andy. And thank you.

So to the enormous events in Switzerland which affect the other 'King', which all seems a little hollow after penning the above. Sepp Blatter.

My immediate reaction to that news yesterday? Good. Not before time. But let's try and get events in some kind of perspective.

It's difficult to know where to start really, but as I understand it, this is what happened.

Nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives were indicted for racketeering conspiracy and corruption by America's Dept of Justice.

The opening paragraph of the indictment read 

"Nine FIFA Officials and Five Corporate Executives Indicted for Racketeering Conspiracy and Corruption

The Defendants Include Two Current FIFA Vice Presidents and the Current and Former Presidents of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF); Seven Defendants Arrested Overseas; Guilty Pleas for Four Individual Defendants and Two Corporate Defendants Also Unsealed"

The full press release is below. Read it carefully.

Guilty pleas of four individual and two corporate defendants have already been filed. This is now so fast moving much could changed before I finish this piece.

These are heavyweight charges. Some can expect to go to jail for a very long time, unless some plea bargaining goes on. This, I suspect, is our best chance of getting to the bottom of what's really been going on.

I have no problem with any of this, as regular listeners to Keys&Gray on TalkSPORT over the two years we were there will know. I'm big on corruption and drugs in sport. It shouldn't happen. But it does.....I'm sorry to say in ALL forms of sport.

Let's lift every stone we find and have a look at what's underneath. Where there is corruption lets root it out and start again if we have to. But, and it's a big but, right now what happened yesterday has NOTHING to do with the successful World Cup bids of 2018 and 2022. NOTHING.

Now, that might change. I don't have a crystal ball so I can't possibly predict where the FBI investigation goes. Nor can anybody else, but it's totally wrong for the British media to once again be screaming 'foul' over those two bids. You have no idea at home how damaging those calls constantly are.

Let's, just for a moment, pretend that England's bid had been successful. Would we be so quick to be demanding a re-vote in those circumstances? I suspect not.

Let me also address this nonsense that I'm some kind of mouth piece for Qatar and that if the country hadn't won 2022 I'd be out of work.

Nobody in this country tells me what to say or write. This blog is evidence of that. If they did I wouldn't be here.

It's also puerile to suggest that I wouldn't be here had the 2022 bid failed. That's like saying those x colleagues at Sky should be out of work because England's bid failed. It ridiculous.

I work for beIN Sports. This organisation has nothing at all to do with 2022. We broadcast in the U.S. Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, France, Spain, P. Rico, 23 countries in the Middle East and Singapore. There'll be more to come. There's a lot happening in the world outside the UK! I'm proud to be part of this company and, that at the third time of their asking, we finally got the opportunity to work together.

I've been part of three very exciting 'start-ups' during my career.  At tv-AM and boy did we get some stick there? But we rode it out and look at breakfast TV today.

The early days at Sky were special. No-one wanted us to succeed but the dedicated few that made it happen KNEW it would. I'm proud of what we achieved there. Sadly Sky became the 'establishment' that we once fought but I've still got good mates there.

I'm in a different team now, starting all over again. It's fun and we'll make it work. We've made enormous strides since I first launched the English speaking service here in 2008. Yes, 2008.

These are good guys based in an embryonic country that punches well above its weight. That doesn't please some. It seriously annoys others.

Right now there's a WC taking place in Russia, (where it's been announced that prisoners will build stadia for 2018. Can you imagine the fuss if Qatar had done the same?) and Qatar in 2022.

I've never pretended that everything in this country works as people in the UK would wish, but it is worth noting that this country isn't run for those who live in the UK. There are some serious issues that need addressing, but that's the point - change is happening - and there's more to come. Does anyone seriously think that would have happened had the spotlight not been turned on Qatar? So it's good for many reasons the WC is coming here.

One other inconvenient fact - most of those companies taking advantage of workers' here are U.S. and British owned!

If wrong doing is found to have taken place in either of the 2018 or 2022 bids I'll be the first to argue for a re-vote. But that hasn't happened. It might never happen.

So let's get back to the alleged corruption that the FBI is looking at - all of it connected to individuals in territory over which THEY have jurisdiction. My guess is there'll be much squealing from those people already on the hook and others will become implicated. It might well be that other sporting organisations become implicated. Why stop with FIFA?

I find any kind of fraud abhorrent.  tax fraud/evasion, wherever it exists, is plain wrong. There's been much discussion about this at home recently hasn't there?

Why do we laugh when discussing individuals who take money from transfers? A Fleet Street heavyweight once said to me of one such character 'he's only taking a few quid out of every deal, what's the problem'? What's the problem? I'll tell you -as I did him - it's theft.

So, in conclusion. Let's hope this process serves football fans well. They remain the almost forgotten element of what's happening right now. Let's also hope, if arrests become charges, that due process finds the correct verdict on those with questions to answer. But right now, that's it. And until somebody finds a good reason for Russia and Qatar not to host 2018/22, can we please focus on the facts and not continue to whip up the hysteria that's accompanied events so far? 

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And so to the final day of the season. I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe it.

I wouldn't say it's been a classic, not by any stretch of the imagination. Chelsea were more functional than stylish, but simply the best. They deserved their title and I make them favourites to win it again next season. They'll push on, as good winners do, leaving the rest to play catch up.

City's form at the end of the season was terrific. I couldn't help wondering if it had anything to do with Vincent Kompany's absence? When he was in the team this season he was poor. When he was out there seemed to be a determination from those who were starting to make a point. It might just have been co-incidence, but they showed better form without him.

In general, the problems there were all too familiar to me. There's no doubt that there's talent at City, but it's flawed and they need a strong man to come in and sort it out. Someone like Mancini perhaps?!? I've said it before - when they backed the dressing room, who got Mancini sacked, it was a big mistake.

I still don't rule out Guardiola turning up this summer, but if not, then definitely next. These things don't happen in the blink of an eye.

I also fully expect big YaYa to move on. Next stop? Inter Milan.

Arsenal can yet make it a very good season again, but that all depends on whether they retain the FA Cup. Finishing third without it is a mild improvement on last season, but I believe Wenger needs a trophy again.

He's made much of how the WC affected his players and how they might have launched a title challenge had so many of their squad not been playing international football for most of the summer. I'm not sure I buy that, but next season should give us the answer after they've all had a rest!

Wenger's biggest regret this season? I reckon he'd say conceding that third goal at home to Monaco in the CL. Arsenal were naive chasing it. They didn't need to and they paid a heavy price.

I fully expected Van Gaal to make Utd competitive. Fourth was a minimum requirement after spending all that money. Did Utd do good or bad business? Largely bad for me. At the end of the season, of the players Van Gaal spent £150m on, only Daley Blind was in his starting line up. I've said it before and now others are agreeing - even Paul Scholes - Utd are still six very good signings from mounting a title challenge.

De Gea will go, so one of those might have to be a keeper, depending on whether the belief is that Valdes can fill the gap.

Liverpool failed. Simple. After last season's wonderful title challenge they failed. Failed to push on. Failed with a big spend in the transfer market. Failed to get anything out of Balotelli (but we all warned Brendan) and failed to qualify for the CL. They also failed in that same competition this season - just what was Rodgers thinking about picking the reserves in Madrid?

They also failed to hang onto Steven Gerrard. The ramifications of the decision to wait until January to offer him a contract worth only half the money he was on, will only be felt going forward. Gerrard is going to prove a massive loss. Big mistake.

I also believe they'll fail to hang onto Raheem Sterling. Brendan Rodgers has a big job on. As he said of Spurs the previous season 'any team spending £100m on players should be challenging for the title'. True Brendan.

Also failing - Everton. I think both  Merseyside clubs will have to get off to a really good start next season or both Rodgers and Martinez will be in trouble.

Southampton and Swansea get top pass marks. Koeman and Monk can be rightly proud of what they achieved this season.

QPR? They were a shambles, but that wasn't a surprise to me. And when the going got really tough and the money had run out 'Arry f****d off and left Chris Ramsey try and clear up the mess. 'Nice people', he said after Jamie had weasled him into the job. Remember? Same people 'Arry when you left and dropped them in it.

Burnley were fantastic. I'm sorry we've lost them. I hope Sean Dyche and his team bounce straight back. They didn't beat anybody badly, didn't ever get beaten badly, and never gave up. They went down after a battling win at Hull. In a way - the perfect end.

Going with those two, of course, will be either Hull or Newcastle. A bit like the X Factor judges, if I could save one, who would it be?

The answer is Hull. Steve Bruce is a mate so that's largely why! But I happen to believe they can beat a United team with nothing left to play for. A United team that he played for with so much pride and distinction.

Those are two qualities that NOBODY has displayed at Newcastle this season. I said when they got to 34 points (check when that was) it might not be enough. Now 36/37 might not.

I can see West Ham getting something at St James'. Big Sam would love that after the way it ended for him there. And he'd really love to do his mate Brucey a favour - before walking away.

He'll leave Upton Park on Monday and I don't blame him. He's done a fantastic job - everything and more their ungrateful owners and fans have asked of him.

So what next? After a break Sam will be back to do it all again for somebody else. The Hammers? Be careful what you wish for......

I was delighted for Nigel Pearson. Top class Nige. What a job done at Leicester despite all the goings on behind the scenes. And we'll done Tim Sherwood. He took the brakes off at Villa and got them playing. His confidence can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogance. It's not. He has a deep belief in his own ability. Good luck to him. I hope he stays on there and turns that giant of a club round.

A special mention for Mark Hughes and his back room staff at Stoke. I backed them all the way at QPR - and warned about the mess 'Arry would leave. What an irony as things were unravelling at Loftus Road Hughes delivered a record haul of P Lge points for Stoke.

I'm off for a short break in Bali the weekend after next, but the blogs will keep coming, all the way through and beyond the Copa America, which Andy and I are off to Miami to be part of for BeIN Sports. It's a tough life, but someone has got to do it!