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'We can put some sticks in the park and play football; it's still the same game. It's still the perfect game, but it is only this because of the fans. We have to - it's a song - we have to entertain them.'

'Football is not important – we don’t save lives, we are not doctors – the fans can forget their problems for 90 minutes. The fans can talk about the game for days, and that is why I try to be as close as possible to the fans, it’s why I love this job so much.’

‘I was on the stand in Stuttgart as a child, so I know what it’s like to be a fan. Now I can go to all parts of the stadium, speak to Stevie G [Steven Gerrard] and Robbie Fowler, all this is possible.’

Let me be one of the first to extend a very warm welcome to Jurgen Klopp. He's different. He's been a success. And he could yet prove to be the perfect fit for Liverpool. But I fear not. And it most likely won't be his fault if it doesn't work - let's make that plain. I'll explain in a moment.

One big fear I have straight away. Read the above again. Slowly. It could've been offered up at any recent Press conference by Brendan Rodgers. Agree? All the ingredients are there. But no, this was Klopp! Oh dear. Let's hope it's a one off! Again, I fear it's not.

I also worried earlier in the week when it was claimed that his philosophy is 'run further, and run faster'. I don't agree. Again, let's hope he was mis-quoted.

Some of the best 'modern day' players don't run very far and they certainly don't run very fast. Pirlo? Xavi? Iniesta? Messi? Alonso?

Go back to a different era at Liverpool. Souness? Dalglish? McAllister? Molby? No. These guys played with their head first - and everything else followed.

As Souness himself has often said about his time at Blackburn. Robbie Savage or Tugay? No contest. One ran arguably further than any player on the pitch. The other 'ran' the game.

But let's cut to the chase. Liverpool will never be a force again while they run the current model. It doesn't work. I like Ian Ayre. He's a good operator. But would I want his opinion on football talent? No. What about Barry Hunter and head of recruitment Dave Fallows? Who?

Then there's Michael Edwards. Again who? Exactly. This young man should've  remained anonymous. He's known as 'Eddie' to his mates around Melwood. It's trendy!

Edwards is the 'genius' behind the club's 'money balls' strategy - a statistical model designed to extract maximum value in the transfer market. Between them these guys are the 'transfer committee'. They decide who comes and who goes.

Maximum value? £29m for Firminho? I warned about him after watching him in Copa America.

Divock Origi? Fabio Borini? Iago Aspas? Lazar Markovic? I could go on. Let's not.

Dalglish and Damien Comolli were responsible for Suarez. Both played a major part in persuading Sterling to join. So far these are the only two players Liverpool

have bought and sold for profit in the last five years (Torres was from a different era) Henderson was theirs. Granted, so was Andy Carroll, but not all of them work out. It HAS to be the case that more do than don't. Coutinho will go for more, but how many more that the 'transfer committee' have bought will? I'll hazard a guess - none. Absolutely none.

I wish Klopp all the luck in the world. Our league needs a strong Liverpoo. Our football needs a strong Liverpool. It's a club I have deep affection for. As regulars know, I had four fantastic years on Merseyside and made some life long friends.

We'll only know how good or bad Rodgers really is when he's given a blank sheet of paper, a few quid to go with it and he's told to get on with a job.

Klopp will fail at Liverpool unless he has total control on who he buys and who the club sells. No other formula works. 

Liverpool are NOT a nursery club. They should never have evolved into one. FSG will have some serious questions to answer if Klopp fails because of their failed model.

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Even by English P Lge standards that was an extra-ordinary weekend. It's difficult to know where to start.

Perhaps it's best I go with what we do know. Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool fans have finally  been put out of their misery. I dealt with this Sunday, so I won't dwell on it here. I'll only ask one further question - why didn't FSG do this at the end of last season? I can't see the sense in spending as they did, knowing that they were inevitably going to have to sack him. I'd go further, knowing that they were going to sack him, if things didn't improve, in 10 games. Anyway, enough said on that matter.

We at beIN Sports announced Dick Advocaat's departure Saturday evening. By the time the rest of the world caught up Sunday, the Little General had long since left town. Pity. I warmed to him.

What next for Ellis Short? Well, a huge decision, because he can't afford to get it wrong again. It's now 13 different managers since Peter Reid was sacked. Too many. Far too many, and I know Short wasn't responsible for them all, before you start screaming at me on Twitter.

I'd say only Steve Bruce and initially Roy Keane could say they had anything approaching success at the Stadium of Light. Keane had to go when he did but sacking Bruce was a mistake.

It's a huge problem form Short. Who can he attract? Sunderland are a fabulous club, but they're no longer 'big' players in English football. They have 'big' ambitions, but what they want and what they can achieve are some distance apart.

I'd say mid-table (which is what Bruce delivered) and the occasional Cup run is about as good as it will get. Who can deliver that?

Nigel Pearson?  Sean Dyche? Maybe. Big Sam could with his eyes shut, but I don't think the job interests him.  Whatever Sunderland do I hope they turn away from the recent trend of appointing foreign managers. It hasn't worked.

And so to Mourinho. What on earth was that about Saturday night? His rant was amazing - not once, but again to the overseas broadcasters and then again for the Press boys. I'll guarantee he woke up Sunday morning and regretted it all. There was no need for it. Who mentioned about him getting the sack? He did. No-one else and in doing so he put the subject on the agenda.

I smell decay at Chelsea. I have for some time. It's very difficult to cut it out once it sets in. Right now I can only see one outcome - Mourinho goes.

I mentioned recently the anniversary of his first departure. There are so many similarities.

He says he'll walk if the players say they've lost faith in him. Don't go there Jose. You might get a nasty surprise. I don't see a team working for him as they once did.

Doc-gate is a factor - I'm fairly certain of that. I hear some senior pro's weren't happy about the way she was treated and it's caused a rift between them and the manager. It's a factor, but not the only one.

I'm not saying Mourinho can't sort it out, he might. But what's the worst that can happen to him? He gets the sack and walks away with a shed load of money! Don't feel too sorry for him.

And where next. Paris? Maybe. But here's a little nugget I might return to come next summer if anything comes of it. Right now, who do you fancy will be at Real Madrid first - him, or Eden Hazard?

What about Arsenal? That's more like it. They were fantastic. It's why I tipped them for the title this season. In that mood they're the best team in the P Lge. They showed United up for what they really are - pedestrian, short at the back, slow in mid-field and not good enough up top. They'll win games this season, but they won't win the title. Against the best they're way off. It's why they won't go too far in the C Lge either. I would add that Martial has made a fantastic start and he's certainly made a difference to them.

Aguero? Stunning. All sorts of finishes in a 5-star performance. And Kevin de Bruyne looks a very good player now. Perhaps he always was and that's another factor for a little bit of unrest behind the scenes at Chelsea? It shouldn't be. A manager can't get it right all the time.

A brief word of Leicester and West Ham because I'm constantly being asked about both. Right now there isn't a team I enjoy watching more than Leicester. If I was wrong about Ranieri I'll hold my hands up in May and say so. And West Ham? Great start, but there's an awful long way to go. I'm staying with my original prediction. Just as Big Sam did last season, they should be grabbing whatever they can while they can. Oh - and did I mention they top the 'long ball' charts this season? Up from 18% to 22.5% year on year. Perceptions eh?

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Well there we go. At last, the long good-bye is over. Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool have gone their separate ways.

As regular readers will know, I gave him 10 games at the beginning of the season. Officially the axe fell after the Merseyside derby, but Rodgers was a dead man walking after the Norwich match. Up until then he still had majority support, but it was now a split Boardroom. The signs were ominous. The doubters turned after that match.

I kept reading that every game after was 'crucial' for Rodgers. No it wasn't, the decision had been made and the search for a replacement had started.

He can't have too many complaints. It's not as if he wasn't given money to spend - he had £300m of it. He took over a team that had finished 8th and had been to two Cup Finals, winning one of them. He left a team in 10th with no belief, no pattern, no style and with no evidence that they were anywhere near finding any of those things.

Some will argue that he brought money in - £120m of it following the sales of Suarez and Sterling. If 'he' did, then 'he' spent the £300m. Again, the truth is that those deals were done around him and where I do have sympathy is that the legendary 'transfer committee' bought some rubbish for Rodgers to work with.

If the FSG formula was to find good young players, work with them and sell them on for profit, then it failed. And it failed miserably. Name me one of those that they bought that went out for more money. You can't, because there isn't one. Suarez and Sterling were at the club before FSG bought it.

The 'moneyballs' theory doesn't work and it certainly doesn't work for me if I'm a Liverpool fan. Since when Liverpool become a nursery club?  It's no way to run a fine institution.

Liverpool need to get back to basics. I hope Rodgers goes back to the drawing board as well. There's a nice guy in there, but for me, he confused himself - and then the rest of us with all that new football speak - you know - 'zone 14', 'low defensive blocks', 'transition', 'dominating space' - there are too many to list. Cut it out Brendan. It's nonsense.

Where next for Rodgers? That'll be interesting. And where did it go wrong? I'll answer that - Madrid. Remember? That C Lge tie in the Bernabeau.

He played a high stakes game messing with his team. He lost Gerrard that night and a lot of respect, especially in Spain, where he had hoped to work next. They won't have forgotten. Liverpool's hard earned interest in the C Lge that season also ended in Madrid.

Other mistakes? I've talked about them before. Letting Gerrard go was a mistake, but he wanted to make it 'his' club. Steven was a big character and while he was in the dressing room Rodgers was never truly going to be 'boss'.

And how he most regret dumping all over his mate Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh. That was poor. When the idea was originally suggested he should've refused point blank - or walked away then. We could all see it was coming - why couldn't he?

I repeat, Rodgers isn't a bad coach, nor is he a bad bloke. Sacking Kenny Dalglish and replacing him with Rodgers was always a gamble, but the Board did what Rodgers later did to Gerrard. While Dalglish was pulling strings at the club FSG would never truly be running Liverpool.

So what next? Carlo Ancelotti? Jurgen Klopp will be a runner, but I'm not sure how different he really is to Rodgers. I think Ronald de Boer would be a good choice, but I'm not sure he'll change jobs mid season. What about Roberto Mancini? He'd be my first choice, but whoever it is MUST get control of the transfer policy. If you're going to be judged on what's bought and sold - at least be responsible for it. And as Kenny Dalglish might be thinking tonight 'be careful what you wish for........'