Back to the future?

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It's either Back to the future - or start again and make a few decisions that Fergie is nowhere near.

I've been desperate all season long for David Moyes to be a success at Utd.

Who knows - he might be yet, but I'm now very much of the opinion that it's not going to happen for him.

Utd have to change it, or they will very soon be in that wilderness that Brendan Rodgers was talking about before the game at Old Trafford. 

Again, I repeat, I'm not jumping on anybody's bandwagon here. I've been voicing my doubts about Utd and the direction they've been heading in all season long.

Τhe only new thing we learned on Sunday was what Moyes regards as his best X1. He started it.

Same as the week before but with Vidic for Smalling. Not good enough. Nowhere near good enough. Carrick and Fellaini in midfield? 

Sorry. Neither is ever going to hurt you. Fellaini is not a Utd player and I've never understood the fuss about Carrick. Neat and tidy yes.

But when have you ever seen him boss a game like Scholes? Keane? Robson? Wilkins? He's not good enough at the top level either.

Utd have had a problem in midfield since Barcelona took them apart in Rome. Fergie failed to address it.

Bringing Paul Scholes out of retirement wasn't the answer. Nor was Anserson, Bebe, Cleverly or Jones. Nor is Fellaini or Mata.

Liverpool ran rings round Utd. The game has moved on beyond Fergie's bullying. You can't run a team like he used to anymore.

I stand by what I said months ago. They're eight short.  How many transfer window's is it going to take to get anywhere near that?

And how much?  I'm told they're going to spend £200m in the summer. On players? How much more will it cost to pay them?

Does that figure include  wages? If so, what do they get for half that figure? 

Edison Cavani is a done deal - if they can persuade him to sign. It'll cost £80m to get him out of PSG.

But will he want to join a team that might not even be playing Europa Lge football? 

If Utd weren't in crisis they very nearly are.

They were awful against Lpool. Watching, it struck me that Moyes hasn't got enough of the team 'with him'.

I was told months ago that there's an 'us v them' attitude about Carrington. Red v blue. Utd v Everton. Well now it looks that way on the pitch.

The Glazers can't let this go on. Something has got to give. I'm afraid that 'something' is Moyes.

So it's either back to the future - Ryan Giggs (read my previous blogs), or they try again.

And this time keep Fergie away from the decision making, the team coach and the tunnel. His ego cost them Mourinho. Don't let it happen again. 


  • Wise Monday, 17 March 2014


    You're absolutely spot-on about your analysis on Man United future. I wouldn't want to mention the present as we all know its not looking good.
    Should Moyes be sacked? I don't think but I would be surprised if he's still in charge at thr beginning of next season? I have a feeling Moyes is not cut out for the United job? Time will tell Keys.
    Many thanks for your honest analysis

  • Danny Cosker Monday, 17 March 2014

    Rome was destroyed in a day

    While I agree that Utd are eight players short, short of a champions league winning campaign, the current squad have several domestic title winning players. The notion that the plight of the club is down to players is nonsense.

    The predictable and draconian approach to football matches is evident - that comes from the manager - he sets the team up to be destroyed - they don't stand a chance.

    Deploying two defensive midfielders to sit in front of the back four who don't offer anything going forward who's only objective is to spray the ball wide.

  • Fadi Haddad Monday, 17 March 2014

    No more excuses

    Well said,, I've thought we should give David Moyes every chance, let him build his own team, BUT it's now apparent he's just not up to the task. Regardless of the playing personnel, such poor shape, tactics, substitution timing, and lack of direction. It makes me sad to say it, as I really hoped he would be a good choice, but it's time for him to go.
    Beside, talking about transition period!! How come Everton is doing extremely well and better after being with Moyes for 11 years (don't you call that stability as Utd had with Fergie) Shouldn't changing their manager effected their performance!! shouldn't they be struggling as Utd are nowadays!!?? No more excuses for Moyes!! He's got enough time already to prove him self.

  • Shivam Monday, 17 March 2014


    Would mourinho have come if fergie approached him ?

  • Dianne Kenyon Monday, 17 March 2014

    Blog comments

    Was at OT yesterday and have been a ST holder for a long time (seen good and bad times) - have to largely agree with your comments - I cannot understand either why a top club like Man Utd allowed it to happen when they knew there was going to be a big 'hole' when SAF left - it needed proper planning - as you would get in any industry. Anyway, it has happened, and the best way to fix is a quick strong decision from the top for the benefit of the club and fans.

  • Bernard Metcalfe Tuesday, 18 March 2014


    Well said Richard, I'm sick of hearing how good Carrick is, as you say he is average at best. I am also of the opinion that Ferguson appointed Moyes as opposed to Mourhinio because he was a close friend and would allow Ferguson to still have status and power at the club. Bobby Charlton is another with influence I would like to see go, he was against the Mourhinio appointment. Having said that Mourhinio is also too negative a tactician for my liking although a better man manager. I think as you say at least eight players need to be brought in, but if we say 35 mil per player plus wages that's 280 mil plus, that's not going to happen United are just to penny conscious to pull off big deals. I must disagree about Mata, even on Sunday he retained the ball well in tight situations, no one making decisive runs was the problem. Then Rooney, for massively overrated, constantly gives the ball away and is then applauded for tracking back, as RVP said making runs in his space. Big job for someone. How about you Richard.

  • jack Tuesday, 18 March 2014

    Total Nonsense

    'The game has moved on beyond Fergie's bullying?' - Sorry but is this the same Fergie that is currently the last manager to win the Premier league (by 11pts), and with the same squad minus Chelsea's player of the year, and Fellaini, that Moyes has at his disposal plus Januzaj? This very recent success hardly indicates the game has moved on beyond his methods, especially as the new guy is going backwards.

    As for United being willing to buy Cavani for £80m, you must be insane, especially given the amount they need to spend on the central midfield and defence, but you've left yourself a handy little get out clause by saying they need to persuade him to leave which is unlikely without CL football, so in other words it isn't happening and is nonsense.

    The bottom line is United are failing so badly because their new manager is massively out of his depth and the players aren't playing for him, even if they've needed strong reinforcements in the central midfield for a few years now, and don't forget this same Liverpool side was way behind this United squad when SAF was in charge last season. There's certainly no way the likes of Rooney, RVP, Mata and Januzaj should feel inferior to Sterling, Henderson, Sturridge and Suarez, but with Moyes driving the tactics and formation they managed just one shot on target all match.

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