PL loans distort the competition (2)

Published: Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Just a few quick words here because I always feel guilty if I'm not writing at least once a week.

I hate saying 'I was right', but those of us from the media that engage with the social media get such a pasting at times that when the opportunity makes itself available - we have to!

Right about what? Right about Premier League loans - to each other -  distorting the competition. I mentioned this early season and the usual torrent of abuse followed, but I can't think of a better example of what I'm saying than we saw this past weekend.

Stoke had a horrendous injury list that left them unable to pick a first choice centre-back v Chelsea. Well, a horrendous injury list and a centre back that they couldn't play because of the loan regulations. Kurt Zouma - although fit - had to sit and watch as Alvaro Morata ripped Stoke to shreds.

I don't want to take anything away from either Morata's performance - or Chelsea's - let's face it, winning

4-0 at Stoke is a rarity for any team and it makes a real statement. No, what I'm saying is how different might the result have been had Zouma been allowed to play? The man he would've been designated to keep an eye on got a hat-trick! Look, I appreciate that he might have done anyway, but, I happen to think not.

Why? Because Zouma has been awesome for Stoke this season - never better than in their 1-0 defeat of Arsenal. Yes - Arsenal. He can play against Chelsea's title rivals, but not his own club. It's madness. It gets worse as well - Chelsea have five players out on loan in the Premier League (2 at Brighton) so on at least eight occasions this season they'll be playing against opposition that can't name their first choice 11. That can't be right.

There are two solutions - let the loanees play against their parent club - or simply stop the arrangement altogether. I'd do the latter.

I can hear the chorus of howls, groans and objections now. But think about it. I'm not suggesting we stop players going out on loan - fine, if they're going to a Championship club, or lower. Fine if they're going abroad - but I can't see any good reason why the super rich clubs of the Premier League should be borrowing players from each other. It's a nonsense.

West Ham haven't broken any rules taking Joe Hart on loan, in fact they've done a great piece of business, but it's still wrong that Hart can have the effect on the title race that he will keeping goal for The Hammers against all the challengers - except City.

If you think I'm wrong - fine - and perhaps I am, but why allow a system that leads to the question to be asked. Actually I'm not wrong - I'm right!!!