PL loans distort the competition (1)

Published: Monday, 26 June 2017

Having burst back into life yesterday I didn't intend to be making my fingers sore again today - but sometimes 140 characters on Twitter just aren't enough.

I've made mention previously how I believe that PL clubs distort the competition when they loan players to each other. Right now, Chelsea have five out and the chances are there'll be more before we kick off again. It's wrong. And here's why.....

Each and every one of those players can play for the team they're with AGAINST Chelsea's title rivals - but they can't play against Chelsea. It remains to be seen if they have any effect on the race by scoring big goals - stopping them - or indeed bossing games that frustrate a point or two from the other contenders. They might - they equally might not - but they're going to have more of an impact against them than they would sitting in Chelsea's bench.

Of course I know the value of sending players out on loan - but it doesn't have to be to the PL. The truth is that too many clubs nowadays run squads that are top heavy and ways of keeping the guys happy - or furthering their education - don't exist like they once did.

Let me give you another example of what I'm saying. We know Mourinho doesn't fancy Anthony Martial. He's not going to be in Utd's starting line up very often this season. There are two options - sell - but the chances are Utd won't make back the ridiculous money they paid for him - or loan him out.

We also know how Mourinho's mind works. Let's say he does a deal to send him to Newcastle. What a sensation he'd be there playing in front of those fans. I'd back him to get 20 goals plus for the Toon. How many of those might be against Arsenal, City, get my drift. He's going to have more of an impact against Mourinho's closest rivals in somebody else's jersey than he will sitting watching at Old Trafford. You can argue it's an unlikely example - but it's not. What about City - where do they send Nasri? Arsenal - Walcott let's say? Wilshere was out on loan last season. Liverpool have got capacity to let one or two out. It's just wrong.

If you've got a top heavy squad - sell some. Back your judgement. No PL club needs to be borrowing players. They can all afford to commit.

While we're at it - I DO NOT follow any PL team. I don't either like or dislike Utd - but I do admire them. I worked in that City for two great years and got to know both clubs well. The same goes for Liverpool, where I had four very happy years. I worked all round London and made many friends. I'm a football fan - I pass comment on what I see because you guys ask me to. Occasionally I can share what I hear and I don't make things up. I'm a Coventry City (I know!) so be sure that I have no allegiance to one PL team or another. I'm lucky that I've been as close to football and football people for as long as I have and I still enjoy what I do.

Why do I mention that? Well, it's a forlorn hope I know, but how about we drop all the personal insults going forward? If you follow on Twitter I imagine it's because you don't want to miss anything - if it's simply to behave like an errant third form brat - go elsewhere. I'm not interested in your nonsense.

Oh, for the record, the five Chelsea players on loan are Izzy Brown at Brighton - a striker. Zouma at Stoke - defender. Abraham at Swansea - a striker. Palmer at Huddersfield - creative m/f & occasional front man.  Loftus-Cheek at Palace - he too gets goals from m/f. Get my point now?