Spurs - 'the nearly' men

Published: Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Now this admission might make me unique. Some might think the sun has finally got to me - but I really quite like Daniel Levy! And I think he's done a terrific job at Spurs - but....!  

He's been a constant and 'steady' figure at White Hart Lane now since 2001. Well, when I say steady, perhaps not quite as steady as some would've liked, but he's never shirked a decision. He hasn't always been right - but he hasn't wasted much time in correcting things once he's realised a mistake. 

He's not a man that seeks publicity. He's very private, which is why I felt privileged to have spent an afternoon in his company a few years back. The owner, Joe Lewis was also there. It was around the time both had realised good old 'Arry had to go before he inflicted much more damage on the club. 

We talked about that and a whole lot more - including Levy's plans for the new stadium that they're finally building. He's astute. And clever. He gets things done. Incidentally, how right was he about the Olympic Stadium? He wanted to knock it down and start again. He knew it was the only sensible solution to all the problems that West Ham have created for themselves by trying to do things on the cheap. 

Anyway, through much tumult he's put Spurs back in amongst the big boys. Now here's the 'but' I referred to earlier - having done that unless Spurs push on again they won't just be standing still - they'll be going backwards and wasting a wonderful chance to be C Lge regulars - maybe even regular title contenders - perhaps even regular title winners. 

In my view Levy has been a big plus for Spurs. He's been their greatest strength these past few years, but he might also now be their greatest weakness if he doesn't ease the purse strings. 

Last night's (Tuesday) C Lge exit adds weight to my argument. What a waste of all last season's hard work. Spurs simply don't have a squad big enough to cope with modern day football demands and I fear that it's only going to get worse 

You can't accuse Levy of being 'tight'. Spurs pay good money. They're 12th in the table below with an annual wage bill of £2.68m. The average salary at Spurs is 51k/pw. But it's not enough. Look at United, City, Arsenal and Chelsea. If you want to play with the big boys you've got to pay with the big boys. 


I'm told Levy won't sanction any pay deal that starts with a '1'. In other words, nobody at WHL is going to earn 100 grand a week or more whilst Levy holds the purse strings. He'll have to change his mind about that if he wants to keep Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane. 

Lloris's advisors are trying to negotiate a new deal right now. They're miles apart. Kane has three and a half years left on his deal, but there'll be a break clause in it. For what he's contributing at Spurs he's seriously underpaid. Would you believe Sissoko earns more? Manchester United are aware and want Kane. We've all read those stories - and what United want they generally get. Unless Spurs come up with a proper deal - my view is Kane will soon be at Old Trafford. And I mean 'soon'. 

If that happened I don't think it would be too long before Pochettino baled out. 

Spurs are fine club, with a glorious past. They've given us much but for too long now they've been the 'nearly' men. Don't let it happen again Daniel.