Back in business.

Published: Thursday, 13 October 2016

Is it only me, or do we all feel the same about these international breaks?  I hate them. I shut down. The only thing I'm thinking about, from the moment the last P Lge ball is kicked and we stop, is 'when do we get going again?'

I know it shouldn't, but international football is starting to leave me stone cold. I'm not sure that players themselves aren't beginning to feel that way too. I've mentioned it before - playing for England now isn't fun. The Scots have had a kicking this past fortnight as well - and Wales. What is it about our Press boys? Why is there always so much negativity?

Answer me this - how much better were England without Wayne Rooney? The guys bullied Gareth Southgate into leaving him out - to what end? I was disappointed that Southgate buckled so easily under media pressure. At least Roy Hodgson took a couple of years before he started dancing to Fleet Streets' tune. Southgate wants to please everybody I know, but I thought he made the wrong call on Rooney.

Oh, and when the new England boss says 'I inherited a mess' who is he blaming? Big Sam, who only had 67 days to create that mess, or the previous regime, which Southgate was very much a part of? 

Briefly on the skipper - Rooney remains the only player England have that frightens the opposition. United blitzed Leicester without him - scoring four in 20 first half minutes - three from set pieces, which I suspect they would've done with Rooney on the pitch, but what happened v Stoke? I didn't read anything from the people who'd castigated him following the Leicester game admitting that he's not United's problem. I'll make a little prediction here - I'll bet Mourinho plays him against Liverpool on Monday night.

Speaking of Liverpool - I've been reading some fascinating stats about Jurgen Klopp. Let me share them with you, because again, I'm totally baffled by the conclusions of two separate articles. 

From the excellent Andy Dunn in the Sunday Mirror -

'Klopp has won fewer than half of his 37 Lge games.

His team has averaged 1.729 pts per game.

During his 122-game spell at Anfield Brendan Rodgers won more than half his matches averaging 1.795 pts per game

Klopp is averaging 1.97 goals per game. Rodgers averaged 1.9.

Liverpool were marginally tighter under Rodgers, conceding 1.24 goals per game.  It's 1.35 under Klopp'.

Pretty similar records aren't they?  Also last week The Times reported 'Klopp's Liverpool are the masters of a new era of Super Fit Football'.

Here's a few of their findings.

'Liverpool have increased the distance they covered in their opening games this season from 756.4 km's to 814.8.

Sprints are up to 4165. A sprint, apparently is 'an action of movement over 25.2/h or 7m/s. Keeping up? No? To be fair I got lost when I first read all this!

Liverpool made those 4165 sprints in their first seven games, an 'enormous' 478 or 13 per cent more than Bournemouth, who led the table after seven games last season. 

From the same article I read that Liverpool's 'surge' this season came as a result of their pre-season which included 'treble'  sessions. Really? And so far they've achieved what? Not much more than a similar record to Rodgers - but they have sprinted more than Bournemouth a year ago? Again - is it just me?

Anyway - it's great to be back in business and have our P Lge ready to start again.

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