You were Super - Spurs

Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

The air of invincibility around Pep Guardiola and his City team was blown away by Tottenham's tornado. What a game. I enjoyed it more than anything else I've seen this season.

Spurs were terrific and had Eric Lamela scored with that penalty  3-0 wouldn't have flattered them.

Double training sessions you see - that's the way forward! Wait until they lose one though - then double training sessions will be to blame again!

So what of City? Have they been found out, not just by Spurs, but also Celtic? Well, not exactly. I thought Guardiola was both magnanimous and relaxed after the game. He's right - City are a work in progress and all those who thought they title race was over because of the way they'd started now need to re-assess. It wasn't over before the Spurs game - and it isn't now. City hadn't won it - and they haven't lost it. I was pleased to see Guardiola smiling in his post match interview as well. Early on in the season I thought he was surly and rude when facing reporters post match. It's not an easy that - for either the manager or the reporter. The guys in the tunnel do a really good job - none more so than Geoff Shreeves and I'm pleased to see how well Des Kelly has taken to it at BT.

What point was Mourinho trying to make when he said the performance against Stoke was 'United's best of the season'?

Is he saying that what's been served up prior to the weekend wasn't very good? Was he trying to protect those that this week toiled without their skipper Wayne Rooney? Funny isn't it, after a really good 20 mins last week, when they got four goals against Leicester, three of them from set-pieces, the media buried Rooney. And this week when he wasn't on the pitch and Utd struggled - was that Rooney's fault as well? I come back to what I said last week, they're a much better side without Fellaini, but like City, they're a work in progress. As for Jose's claims? As he said - we're all allowed our opinions!

Here's a 'fact' though that's been overlooked this weekend - a year ago United were top at this stage, with three more points than they have now!

Arsenal were lucky. Koscielny's goal should never have been allowed. It was handball, not intentional, but because of the consequences of it, it should've been disallowed. Have a look at law 18 and what it says about 'common sense'.

Everton's goal should've been disallowed as well.  We can argue all day long about whether they should even have had the free-kick, but once it had been given it should've been indirect. Why? The offence was 'dangerous play' because there was no contact. Jon Moss was wrong in law.  Lukaku stuck it straight in - so the game should've re-started with a goal-kick for Palace.

Liverpool continue to make obvious progress - second half they were really good at Swansea. Francesco Guidolin won't be in charge when we resume after the Internaional break. I still think Ryan Giggs will be.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see his old skipper, Steve Bruce, in charge at Villa. Not only do I think he'd be the right choice, I have no doubts that he would get them up - almost certainly this season. Bruce knows the league. He knows what's required to get out of it and he inspires people. For too long now Villa have been an unhappy ship. Bruce would get people smiling again.

As for me, it's been a crazy weekend. My wonderful wife and I have said all we intend to on the weekend's fire-storm. It's business as usual all round. And thank you to everybody that took time out to offer their support.