Things will only get better

Published: Monday, 29 August 2016

Things will only get better. Admittedly, not bad if you're a Chelsea, United or City fan but I can't think of too many other clubs' supporters that will be too happy about what they've seen from their team so far this season. It's been an ordinary start hasn't it? But it will get better. I think the international break has come at a nice time. 

Actually, Hull City fans have got to be pleased with what Mike Phelan has done - but I can't imagine anyone on Humberside is expecting anything other than a long hard season. How good were they against United? I'm delighted for Mike. I really do hope that he gets the job full time - and a realistic chance of some kind of success to go with it. Success this season would be staying up. 

I tweeted Saturday that I thought we'd seen a 'title winning result' from United. How typical of days gone by was that - a Fergie time winner? United look strong. The 'fear factor' is returning. I don't think they played particularly well, but that's what made the outcome - and the manner of it - all the more impressive. Taking three points away from a game like that is what champions do. They wouldn't have done last season. In fact, I think they would probably have been beaten. They're my tip to win it and I'm more confident about that after the first thee games. 

City were 'smooth' for 45 minutes weren't they? Their football was a delight and West Ham could've been buried before half time, but credit the Hammers with a really good second half. They dusted themselves down and gave it a go and let's not forget how short of their 'big guns' they were. They'll only get better. 

They underlined where City will come unstuck for me. At Barca and Bayern Guardiola's style of football would sweep teams away. They could play the way they did in that first half at the weekend for 90 minutes, running up cricket scores against second rate opposition. The P Lge isn't like that. It's an age old cliche, but there really aren't any easy games. If Guardiola thinks he can win 'big matches' playing the way he did on Sunday - open and entertaining - I think he's in for a bit of a shock. That's why I can't wait for the derby. It's going to be a fascinating clash of cultures. Aguero, by the way, was bang out of order. At the time of writing he hasn't been charged with violent conduct, but if he isn't then the FA should charge themselves with bringing the game into disrepute! Had Costa done what Aguero did he would've been all over the front pages today. 

Chelsea look good. It's baffling as to how Hazard and co have all come back to life! Surely it was just a co-incidence that they all lost form at the same time last season - and played their manager out of a job? Was it hell! They downed tools. City's superstars lost a Cup Final to make sure they got rid of Mancini. It's horrible when it happens, but it does and it will again. It happened at Valencia last season as well. 

Arsenal looked better at Watford. Ozil makes a real difference to them. With the two new boys and everybody fit after the Euro's I'm certain things will settle down at The Emirates.

Spurs are stuttering. They're nowhere near the side that started last season. Kane and Eriksson are way off. Funny - I was interested to read Tony Cascarini telling Kane in his Times column today that he's not a No.10. I think I mentioned that a year ago! If he doesn't get himself up top and start being in the right places to score goals again he's going to struggle all season long. You're a centre forward Harry. Play like one. 

I don't know what to make of Everton just yet, but the signs are good. Ronald Koeman will make them competitive again. I like his style. Evertonians will as well. 

Liverpool's season is summed up by their results so far - a stunning win in the best game of the season at Arsenal, a sloppy defeat and a draw snatched from the jaws of what should've been another win. Klopp will know he's got to sort out the inconsistency. Oh - and Daniel Sturridge. How many times have I said - managers/coaches always believe they can get something out of a player that no-one else has? They always end up disappointed. Players don't change. Sturridge is a talent, but high maintenance. I hear he's got a new management company now that he's hoping will create a profile 'like Beckham's'. Daniel, there's only one way to do that - play football regularly and well - the rest will look after itself. I think Klopp may to have to bow to the inevitable any time soon and move him on. 

So we get the chance to take a break and look forward to what Big Sam has in mind for England. When the P Lge returns I'm sure we'll start to see some order take shape and I have to believe that things - the football - will only get better.