Here we go

Published: Saturday, 06 August 2016

A week from today (Saturday) I'll have been back at work for 48 hours - embarking on my 4th season at BeIN Sports. I really can't believe it. Time has flown. 

 It's been enormously enjoyable. At my time of life I'm done with ploughing. up and down motorways and all the hassle that goes with getting around Britain. I was reminded of that on my first day back in the country this summer. I drove to Leeds, to host a dinner with Andy. It took me five hours to make a journey that should take two and a half. I came back the same evening, joining the M1 at junction 40. It was shut at 39. One hour later I was back on at junction 38. It was a nightmare and brought back memories of so many of those evenings crashing back to London in driving rain/sleet/snow - arriving back in the small hours absolutely exhausted. Of course the upside was that initially it was fun and I'm not going to pretend that doing what I finished doing in this country didn't have its rewards. It did, but everything changes. 

 Anyway. There we are. That's the gripe out of the way! Oh, apologies that I've been so quiet during the summer. I needed a complete break which always does the trick - I'm now more than ready to go again.