LLLLLLiverpool. Impossible.

Published: Monday, 08 March 2021

Sorry about the title. I’m sure you’ve all seen it on social media by now - but it’s too perfect to ignore.

What’s happened? After 68 unbeaten games at Anfield losing one at some stage was inevitable. Two was a bit of a surprise. But three? And then four, five and now six - in a row. It’s another of those impossible stats.

And here’s another. Exactly a year ago Liverpool were 20 points clear of Manchester City as they closed in on their first title in 30 years. Now they’re 20 points adrift. That’s a 40 point swing. Impossible - or so we would’ve said this time 12 months ago.

Liverpool fans are amongst the most vociferous when you question anything to do with their team. The anger that was vented in my direction a couple of weeks ago was both inevitable and mis-placed. When are you going to realise I don’t make things up? I’ve spent a lifetime in this business - making friends and contacts - so if I mention something - it’s far better to stop and think about it rather than fire off the nonsense bile. In no particular order that also applies to United, Newcastle and West Ham fans. 🤷‍♂️😂.

So, having hinted at it here for a fortnight once again everybody is now talking about it. Obviously that’s largely down to their latest extra-ordinary loss. Two weeks ago I said ‘something doesn’t smell right’. Now I think we can say something stinks.

It’s not simply down to losing Van Dijk. The keeper is a bag or nerves right now. The two full-backs are way off (I know Alexander Arnold didn’t play v Fulham). Why? Perhaps they’ve started to believe the nice things that were being said about them? Robertson certainly misses the Dutchman, but it’s going the other way that they’ve both dried up. I’ve said it before - those crosses were devastating. We don’t see them anymore. If he was fit - Tierney would be Scotland’s first choice left back right now.

Henderson is a massive miss. I wouldn’t have taken him out of the middle. Klopp weakened two areas of his team by doing that and now, of course, he’s out anyway.

Wijnaldum’s situation doesn’t help - but he’s not alone is wanting more money. But is he worth a ‘double your money’ deal? Not for me.

We’ve all known for some time that Mane and Salah don’t get on. Salah wants more money - but that’s a smoke screen. He’s leaving at the end of the season. His agent confirmed that when he tweeted that full stop after Salah was taken off in mid-week.
Where is he going?We need to look at events in Barcelona for the answer. Joan Laporta is back as President. His first job? Calm Messi. His second job? Deliver a poster signing. Who? You’ve got it.

Mane is unhappy that Salah is paid more - so naturally he wants more. Michael Owen gave us an insight into the problems between the two when he suggested that Mane won’t go down in the box because Salah is on pens! I’m pleased he’s staying on his feet - but that’s not quite the reason i wanted to hear.

Klopp looks bemused. Like his team - he looks worn out. Having to miss his mother’s funeral must’ve been horrible. I’ve all the sympathy in the world for him - but he looks battle weary anyway.

I can’t believe he’s currently the 4/1 second favourite PL manager to lose his job. Impossible. It all adds up to a bemusing conundrum. What next?

The worst thing about the defeat Sunday was that Fulham deserved their points. They were the better team. Everything about them was smart and sharp - apart from the manager’s jacket. That was a shocker. He looked like he’d grabbed his eldest boys’ as he left home in a hurry. If he was charged with bringing the game into disrepute I’d find it hard to defend him. 😂. Leave it at home next time Scott.

I wish him and his team well though. They’ve been on an incredible run and if they stay up they’ll have pulled off a minor miracle.

Here’s another amazing stat. No team in Europe’s big 5 leagues has scored more goals than Bayern. After four more it’s not 106 in all comps. But you know who’s second on that list don’t you? Yep - boring boring Spurs! Kane’s 2nd v Palace was their 100th of the season. Not bad for a team managed by someone who’s often described as ‘anti’ football. City are third on the list with 91.

Their remarkable run was strangled to a slow end by United. Was the result significant in the title race? No. City will win it. The significance was that it all but ensures United’s CL place. And the result and performance must’ve heartened Mourinho - who’s waiting to do a job on City in the Carabao Cup Final.

As City play Saints this week the CL resumes. Guardiola’s quest to win it without Messi continues a week Tuesday (March 16). Since he was last in the final - back in 2011 - he’s spent £1.04 billion trying to get back with both Bayern and now City. £1.04 billion - at Bayern and the richest club in the world. So far he hasn’t been beyond a semi-final. Impossible.