Re: Wedding coverage

Published: Wednesday, 28 June 2023

My goodness - for someone that the Press have wanted cancelled for a long time now there’s an awful lot of interest in me and my wife today.

Let me address some of the inaccuracies that I’ve been reading. And some of the irony in the reporting. The Mail consistently try to do me harm - and want me cancelled, yet they spend more time talking about me - and quoting me - than any other publication.

I’ll never forget what a senior x-Mail journalist told me shortly after I’d left Sky. He called me because he was chasing a story. I was furious with him and let him have it. When I’d finished abusing him he said ‘we were told - bury them - and make sure nothing sticks to Redknapp’. Jamie wrote a column for them at the time. There’s a whole lot more to the story but that’s for another time.

‘Shamed’ they constantly scream. Really? Mistakes were made at the time and I’ve addressed them previously. ‘Shamed’ - all these years on? Why the anger guys? It’s not healthy. What actually are you trying to achieve?

Nick Pisa - why not ask? Why make it up? You were wrong time and again when you worked at the Sun. You’re now just re-quoting your own nonsense. Check - check - and check again. That was the first thing I was taught when I trained. Get it right. Journo’s hate it when you pull them up. They see being called to account as an affront.

When my first marriage collapsed my wife was not suffering with cancer. She’d been seven years in remission after a dreadful scare - one she managed with dignity and bravery. And I was with her every step of the way. She is still very much alive and well, although it is true that cancer sufferers always need to be careful about their health.

Sadly my daughters’ problems have become too well known. In her case she has been ill for many many years. Her problems cost her everything, including an embryonic acting career. I’ve tried to protect her from intrusion, but failed. Tell me this guys - why publish a half naked picture of her in your articles today? How does that add value to your story? Leave her alone.

I was not ‘sacked in disgrace’. I resigned of my own volition after Sky sacked Andy. As he himself has said ‘they were after me. Keysie was collateral damage’. He’s my mate. I will always stand by him - just as he has me. The reason he lost his job is because he was suing News Corp - who’d hacked his phone and put him under video surveillance. What a disgusting intrusion at any time - but he worked for them ffs. He later won his case in court.

Lucie was never my daughters’ friend - let alone her best friend. They met twice. The circumstances don’t matter - at this stage. That’s something else I’ll address going forward.

Lucie has her own high-powered career and doesn’t need the nonsense that she’s reading today. She and her employers - two big multi-National companies - have been incredible during our time together. They have shown amazing support to her. Who is Lucie Rose? What does it matter?

The break-up of my first marriage did not ‘wreck’ my children’s lives. One was 28 - the other 32.

Covid didn’t previously postpone the wedding. I’m sorry you missed the official ceremony last Thursday guys.

My son Josh wasn’t at the ceremony at the weekend.

My response to Jamie Redknapp was as a result of him telling me that night at Chelsea ‘I’ll be at your house when you get home - hanging out of the back of Julia and Jemma’. I wonder if this little nugget will get much traction? Somehow I doubt it.

What he said was edited from a carefully edited tape. ‘Hanging out of the back of….’ Redknapp’s phraseology. Not mine. I simply mimicked it. As I did with ‘smash it’. Does anyone seriously believe I’m childish enough to use phrases like that?

It was Lucie that decided not to pursue Jemma’s disgusting and threatening text messages. She dropped the charges because the case was hurting me and would only have caused Jemma more harm. It was not the CPS that decided to drop it.

It’s time to let this go guys. What has been achieved by both Andy and myself since leaving Sky is incredible. Thanks to some brave and very loyal people we’re still going. Again - I ask - what exactly are you trying to achieve?

As for the disgusting morons on Twitter - there are no words.