It'll end in tears...

Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2016

It'll end in tears, but what a ride Manchester United fans are in for! In fact, what a time to be a football fan in Manchester now that, arguably, the best two coaches in the world are going head to head again. 

 Arguably? I've got to reserve room at the top for Carlo Ancelotti. He's a class operator. 

 Anyway, not before time, United have got it right. This is what they should've done when Fergie announced he was leaving. Mourinho's job application the night that Real tipped them out of the C Lge was wrongly ignored and they've paid a heavy price. Mind you, how many of us haven't f****d up somewhere along the line?!? 

 David Moyes was the right man - at the wrong time. I advocated change when it was blindingly obvious part way through that first post-Fergie season that it was going wrong. I stand by what I said, but....

 I strongly believe that he was a far better option to back than LVG. His two years have been little short of a disaster - and I don't like using that word. Disasters are what happened in Munich and at Hillsbrough. In that context, the sport of football is irrelevant. 

 LVG ripped the heart out of United. He changed everything that was great about them. Little things, like splitting the dining room arrangements. The senior players were kept apart from everybody else at the club, instantly causing rifts and splits. Fergie, who I have been critical of in the past, never allowed that. He knew the value of the 'family'.