Video evidence? No thanks.

Published: Monday, 18 April 2016

Did Vardy dive? Was Jon Moss correct to penalise Wes Morgan for holding/pushing/impeding and give West Ham a pen? What was the difference between what Winston Reid did and what Vardy had done earlier? Should Leicester have had a pen when Ogbonna was brainlessly all over Huth shortly after? And was Andy Carroll right - was the award against him just to 'even things up'? 

 I've read everything as usual this morning (Monday). Henry Winter calls Moss a 'poor referee'. He argues that Moss had to be '100% certain' Vardy had dived in order to book him and subsequently send him off. He was Henry, or he wouldn't have got his yellow card out again. For me, it was a dive. Let's agree to disagree. Vardy has played on the edge like that all season. Good forwards can make penalties out of situations like that - get across the defender, tangle your legs up with his and go over. Vardy did parts one and two really well, but the swallow dive was embarrassing. It was a correct yellow.  Few have considered his first booking perhaps wasn't. 

 Again, just my opinion, but Reid's was never a pen. Huth's was. Carroll's wasn't. 

 Moss was brave to make the call on Vardy's dive. Very brave, because he could've let it go and saved himself a lot of hassle. I'm certain Michael Oliver would've done. So would Mark Halsey, who I was speaking to during the game. It was after at the award of the first pen that I thought Moss started getting himself into trouble - but he made calls he believed to be correct. Give him credit for that. Big calls as well. 

 He's had almost total backing from Graham Poll. All correct for Poll, but he thought Huth should've had a pen.