It’s an unexpected sack race

Published: Monday, 07 October 2019

I wasn’t quite sure what was more embarrassing - watching the latest shambles from those pretending to be Manchester United footballers - or the nonsense that Old Gunnar Solskjaer spoke again in his post match interview.

I feel sorry for the guy. He’s been landed with a job he can’t do. He looks lost - his eyes wide open in front of that interview camera - constantly repeating the same thing ‘they worked hard’. Really? As I’ve said before - that’s a minimum requirement for any footballer. There’s a whole lot more required if you want to be a Manchester United footballer.

I don’t want to dwell too much on United because I’ve largely said all there is to say - but I’m often asked who I blame for recent events at Old Trafford. Let me answer like this - power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I blame Fergie. I always have. It wasn’t a popular view when I first floated it and it won’t be now - but it’s true.

I don’t mean that he was in anyway ‘corrupt’ - but the power he wielded meant he got his own way all the time - on everything. No-one would challenge him. Quite simply - he left a mess. I repeat what I’ve always said - his last title winning team was eight players short of being a good side. Van Persie’s goals papered over a multitude of cracks. But Fergie also left the Academy in a mess. And the scouting system. It’s his fault. And David Gill’s - who never pulled him on anything. Yes - the best and most successful British manager of all time - but he left a club crumbling and stuck in a different era. Solskjaer can’t sort it out. I ask again - which other PL club would’ve appointed him had United not? Exactly - not one of them.

Did you know some bookies slashed the odds on United going down from 500-1 to 200-1 on the back of that defeat at Newcastle. It won’t happen of course - it could never happen to United. Oh no - wait a minute.....

I certainly didn’t expect the mess that’s developed at Spurs. Pochettino has got to go. Pochettino will go. It’s the only way to start the healing process. Both he and that dressing room need a new start.

They’ve grown tired of each other. It’s as true today as it always was - either change the coach regularly, or the players. The latter isn’t going to happen so it’s got to be Poch. I’m being told that he’s lost the players. As we know, that only ends one way. He’ll get another good job and Spurs will get Gareth Southgate. That’s where the smart money is. We’ll have to wait and see whether that’s enough to persuade Harry Kane that he can win medals with Spurs. He’s got a big decision to make very soon now if he doesn’t want to end his playing days with just memories.

The last man in big trouble is our friend at Everton. I’ve spoken about Marco Silva before as well. Here’s a man seriously out of his depth - who’s also lost his dressing room.

I dedicated a blog to him a year or so back. You’ll find it If you have a look. I pointed out the fact that he’s always managed to get out of a job just before being found out. Well - not this time.

He’s a deeply unpopular character with all his staff at Goodison, let alone the players.

The last time Everton were in the bottom 3 was mid-October 2017. Ronald Koeman lost his job as a consequence. I’d be really surprised if Silva was still in a job when we resume after the International break. If he is - it won’t be long before he’s sacked.

I don’t blame Silva for the ridiculous money wasted at Everton. There are a few people responsible for that. Steve Walsh for sure. Silva obviously. Big Sam and Moshiri himself. They’ve all had an input and from a situation where they had a window to challenge Liverpool it’s gone. It’s gone horribly wrong.

There’s nothing to do but start again. I’ve never thought Silva was the man to take Everton forward. They’d have been better off marking time with Sam and looking around for the right successor. Everton are not the first club to waste a fortune and they won’t be the last and they’ve got to get on with it now.

Who next? Arsene Wenger is available of course. So is David Moyes and my call left field last week was Rafa. Don’t believe he wouldn’t take it. He tried twice to get it when he was at Newcastle - before Sam and Silva. He’d walk back from China for it. Rafa doesn’t do ‘emotion’ - as he proved when he went to Chelsea. He does what he believes is right for himself. He always has. Ask Mike Ashley.

If Newcastle fans are wondering why I’m suggesting Rafa - let me explain. Never have I said he isn’t a good coach. We all know he is. What irritated me about his time at Newcastle was the constant moaning. He knew the deal. So get on with it. Despite being told time and again that he’d walk into one of the world’s top jobs on leaving Newcastle I said he wouldn’t. He didn’t. He had the best job he was ever going to get in England - unless Everton are brave enough. Let’s see...