Improbable - yes. Impossible - no.

Published: Monday, 09 December 2019

He couldn’t - could he? It’s improbable. But impossible? Well, that’s what we said when Leicester mounted their last title charge.

Right now Liverpool are red hot favourites. City are out of it - trust me on that. There is absolutely no way they’ll come back from a 14-point deficit. No way.

Last season they resisted Liverpool’s relentless march with gritty determination - a fair slice of good fortune, and with a real belief that they couldn’t be beaten over the line. They were good. Very, very good.

But I don’t see that same grit now. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if they haven’t been sussed. Plan A is glorious When it works - beautiful to watch - but I’m not seeing Plan B. Everton used Plan B to great effect on Saturday, but could City do that? I think we know the answer.

So they’re are out for me, leaving them with the perfect chance to have a run at the CL. That’s the holy grail at The Etihad. Just as he was in Munich, Guardiola was brought in to win it. He failed in Germany (without Messi) and he’s so far failed in England (without Messi)

I’m not deriding the successes that he has had, but between them Mancini and Pelegrini won the same trophies. Guardiola’s job was to win the big one. It still is. And I would add this - if he wants to win it this season he’s going to have to get his team in much better shape by the time the CL resumes than it is now. And this from the man that told you he was going to City 18 months before anyone would admit it - don’t rule out this being his last season. Inter Miami calling......

So, to explain the way I started. Improbable? Well, unlikely you’d think. But impossible? Absolutely not. Leicester City are bang in this title race.

Be frightened Liverpool. Be very very frightened. I mentioned it in passing last week, but now everybody connected with Liverpool has got to consider the nightmare scenario that it’s Brendan Rodgers that denies them their first title win in 30 years. Wouldn’t that just be the greatest irony of all time? The man sacked to make way for Klopp derails the best chance they've had since Kenny Dalglish won it in 1990.

I thought Liverpool would win it last year. I felt that if they didn’t they never would, but the CL win concentrated minds and I see a real determination about them to get the job done. I’m sure they’re going to win it. But.....the bogey man isn’t going to let them ease up. I can’t wait for Boxing Day when the two meet. If Rodgers wins that one then it really is game on.

I was chuffed to bits for Big Dunc. What a great way to start - maybe even make the best pitch he could for the Everton job full-time. I’m not convinced that would be the right decision, but I’m certain it was the correct thing to bin Silva. Dig out my blog from the time he was appointed at Goodison. You’ll see I didn’t fancy him then and nothing ever changed. He was a chancer. He always got out of town just before being found out - but not this time. I don’t think we’ll see him again in England.

Welcome back Nigel Pearson. I’m so pleased he’s back in. He’s a great guy, who I don’t think ever really gets the credit he deserves for the part he played in the re-build at Leicester.

We’ve spent a fair few hours with him at beINSPORTS in the time that he’s been out and I can promise you he’s a ‘football’ man to the core. He can be a little ‘left field’, but it takes all sorts!

Pearson’s comeback tips the balance of power in the PL back in the Brits and Irish favour. At the weekend 11 of our boys were in charge. I’m criticised for a lot - especially my call that the Brit pack be given some of our top jobs. It’s important that we’re well represented for many reasons - but the biggest has to be that our guys need to know there is no ceiling on what they can achieve if they decide to go into coaching.

And you knew I was going to mention it - what about Brucey? Newcastle fans must be hating what he’s doing! He’s proving that not only Rafa can manage that club. He’s 10 points better off than the Toon weren’t this stage last season - and there’s not a hint of turmoil behind the scenes. I had hoped one or two of you serial abusers in the North East might’ve had the good grace to withdraw some of your vile abuse. No - I’m kidding. I knew you wouldn’t but I do hope the rest of your season continues as it is now. Oh - and you never know, Santa might yet have a surprise for you. 👍🏼👍🏼