Only 2 teams can win it.

Published: Monday, 01 February 2021

So now we know. Only two teams are capable of winning the PL title - and they’re the same two that have been contesting it over the past couple of seasons.

I had been hoping the race would go on for longer and that more teams would be involved, but whats happening is what always happens - there’s only ever really two in it.

If you look back over the years there’s never really been more than two serious contenders any era - certainly since the end of the 70’s. Of course there’s been the odd exception, but until Fergie retired it was usually United and one other. Now it’s Liverpool and City.

Regulars know I’d have loved to have seen Brendan Rodgers win it. I think he’s owed one after what happened the year Gerrard slipped. Leicester have looked likely some weeks, but always seem to slip after finding a good result. They’re not ready, but a top four finish would still be an outstanding achievement and in line with the growth expectations that Rodgers will have.  

Spurs are long overdue. Long overdue - and for a time it looked as though Mourinho had the ammo to remind everyone that he’s far from a busted flush. But he hasn’t. If he were honest he’d tell you he’d settle for a trophy right now.

Manchester United aren’t ready.  I did allow myself a smile when I read what Roy Keane said about them this weekend. It was exactly what I’d said after their game at Anfield. Either he’s reading these blogs - or someone else at Sky is and planted the seed in his mind!

I didn’t think United looked ‘scared’ at Arsenal. They’re simply not good enough. Forget the nonsense about Pogba transforming from ‘outcast to outstanding’. I repeat - he continues to offer flashes of talent v the likes of Burnley and Fulham - but you don’t see him in big games. He was hopeless again at Arsenal. He obviously wasn’t happy about being asked to play on the left - and when circumstances allowed him to move inside he was still sulking. He’s a selfish luxury.

United should’ve gone for the jugular at Anfield. I said they’d look back and regret their lack of ambition that day. They could’ve made a huge statement at Liverpool. The Champions were there for the taking. United could’ve put them out of the race - and themselves in with a real chance. A win at Arsenal would’ve cemented that aim.

Another problem United have got right now is that they really don’t look like winning games without their penalties! I mentioned Cavani’s attempts to nick one last week - this week it was Fernandes rolling about and screaming any time someone was near him. I do wish he’d cut it out. He doesn’t need to do it. Watch him closely - you’ll find out that I’m right again!

I had hoped for a better season for Chelsea. After over achieving last time round and with a big summer spend behind him, I thought Frank Lampard might get them in amongst it. He’ll know that he had the tools, but he was undermined by the very same dressing room that he was once at the centre of. I said this after he was fired.
Others are saying it now.

So there we have it. Only City and Liverpool are in contention and, of course, they meet next weekend. Liverpool can’t afford to lose it. City can. And I think they will.

I was really impressed with Liverpool at West Ham. David Moyes said that his team weren’t at their best - but I thought they made life awkward for Liverpool. They were solid. Sat in. Didn’t allow space - so Liverpool had to work out another way to win it  I can’t remember too many games when they’ve done that. We’re more used to seeing them ‘sweep’ teams away.

I hope they get that chance against City. I’d like to see them go to Anfield and play - but Guardiola knows he doesn’t have to win. He’s sat in before and City are more than capable of doing so again. That’s why Klopp must have been delighted the way his team ‘dug’ the three points out at West Ham. By the way - what about the second? I know most people were impressed by the speed at which Liverpool broke - but it was Salah’s quickness of feet that blew me away. What a first touch and what a finish. Had Messi done it we wouldn’t ever have stopped talking about it. It was fantastic.  

At the other end it’s looking increasingly like the current bottom three will go. Chris Wilder must’ve wondered if it was possible for his team to get out after two satisfying performances in Manchester, but they’re just too far back - especially after Brighton’s win.

It looks though Big Sam has taken one job too far. West Brom stirred in the 2nd half v Fulham, but neither of those teams are very good. A draw didn’t suit either of them.

As we know - predictions can often bite - but it’s all part of the fun. As the games continue to come thick and fast a reminder that they’re all on BeINSPORTS. All the games. All the time. All in one place.