Martin Atkinson - you should be fired.

Published: Monday, 20 September 2021

I’ve got a feeling hell will freeze over this week. That’s what United fans told me would happen the next time I said they deserved a penalty. And those that inhabit the strange world beneath our feet are in for double trouble, because they should’ve had two at West Ham.

What was Martin Atkinson thinking? What didn’t he see when Ronaldo was twice fouled in the box. Not once - twice. We’ll never know, of course, because the PGMOL will ensure that their apologists - Mssrs Walton/Foy/Gallagher & co are all on message when they send them out today - ‘be sure you defend Martin’ they’ll have been told.

But there is no defence. And they’d get more respect if they admitted Atkinson fouled up - and not just at West Ham. He had a beast of a weekend. He needs a ‘rest’. Alan Sugar would go further. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear those words ‘Martin Atkinson - you’re fired’? He really shouldn’t be allowed to work this week/weekend. We’ve all got to be responsible for mistakes we make if the office and pay a price as a result. Why not Atkinson?

I’ll tell you why. Because everybody at the PGMOL is scared of him and I also know why. He’s somehow got the impression that he’s our top ref. He behaves as such. He’s not. And he shouldn’t be allowed to.

As he got busy at City on Saturday my mind went back to an evening at Molineux in March 2019. Atkinson sent off United’s Victor Lindelof - a decision that was immediately overturned by Chris Kavanagh in VAR. Atkinson was furious. You could see that on the night as he left the pitch - and he later tore into Kavanagh at the refs monthly meeting. He felt belittled and warned the other guys never to do that to him again. They haven’t. They’re scared now. But why?

Atkinson should never have got involved at City. Jon Moss got it right - pen - and because Walker made no attempt to play the ball - he had to go off. Why did Atkinson get busy? We at beINSPORTS were told that VAR thought it was a ‘coming together’. It was - but it was orchestrated by Walker. It was a foul. It was a pen. It was a red card offence. Moss should’ve stood his ground - given the pen and shown Walker red. He was in charge - not Atkinson.

Let’s not forget that West Ham should’ve had a pen before the one they got - when Soucek was halved by Wan-Bissaka. Atkinson gave United a free-kick. How? Why?

And why didn’t the assistant flag when Shaw handled? Again - I reckon I know why. It’ll be because Atkinson will have told them ‘don’t get involved with big decisions’. Graham Poll operated like that. Do I need to add anymore?

It wasn’t a good weekend for our officials. At Brighton the home side got a pen when clearly a foul had been committed. Our hapless team here went onto disallow two Leicester goals. No-one that knows anything about football would agree with those decisions.

At Burnley - the host team here was denied a pen. Again - was a ‘clear and obvious’ error made in the original award? No. So why did VAR get busy?

I’ve been very supportive of the officials this season. They started well. I know Mike Riley had been spoken to and told to alter the way VAR was being used. He did - but it looks as though he’s back to his old tricks. Sort it out Mike - we can’t afford another weekend like this one.

And one last thing on this subject. We MUST be allowed to listen to the VAR/ref conversations. I’ve said this time and again. It’s the only way to stop them re-writing history. As for Walton/Foy/Gallagher & co. I don’t listen to a word they say. They’re on the pay roll. It’s like the Police investigating the Police. They’ll never tell us what they really think. They’re patsies. They’re a waste of time.

There were some lovely words on Greavsie today. Please - read Jeff Powell’s tribute in the Mail. It’s beautiful. I hope Jim is able to feel the love this morning - and what a terrible shame that he didn’t while he was with us. He was everything and more that you’ve read - he knew it - and it frustrated him that we didn’t recognise it sooner. Sir Jim - thanks for the fun we had - and rest well my friend.

It also a shame that Tottenham’s current No.10 couldn’t muster a performance fitting of Greavsie against Chelsea. What’s happened to Harry Kane? He’s a shadow of what he once was.

Typically, Andy spotted that he was operating left of the three that Spurs used up front. Why? What was that all about? Too clever Nuno and it bit you.

But it’s not just that Kane was poor on Sunday. He had a bang ordinary Euro’s. Remember? There were even calls for him to be left out after the first two games.

His head is full of mince - and it’s not his fault. City badly let him down. There is no way Kane would’ve entered the summer telling us all that he wanted to leave Spurs if City hadn’t assured him that they’d get him out. He believed them. But they played games again - and lost out. It was exactly the same when they went for van Persie - four times offering money that didn’t match the forwards‘ demands. They knew the figure that he wanted, but they tried to get smart in the negotiations. Fergie asked van Persie what he wanted and paid it. The rest is history.

Spurs wanted £150m for Kane. Simple. Pay it. You’ve got it. You both wanted needed him Guardiola. Why pay £100m for a player that hasn’t improved you any - but not go the extra mile for Kane? He must be thinking the same thing and it’s rocked him. Right now he isn’t the same and it won’t be long before Spurs’ fans let him know what they make of it all. Going on strike didn’t help him. He’s got a lot of making up to do and it isn’t going well.

I promised my personal trainer - Ant - a mention today. I know what you’re thinking - ‘personal trainer?’ 😂😂. Agreed - I’m a tad heavier than I once was, but I do try to get it off - I promise. 😂. Anyway - we discuss the blog on Monday’s in the gym and his help is invaluable. Perhaps that’s why the weight won’t come off? Thanks Ant. 😉.