So it’s back to the future Everton?

Published: Monday, 17 January 2022

No. I’m not going there. Absolutely not. I’ve had my say on the subject. No. It’s not happening. 

I feel like Chandler in the one where he’s not allowed to be sarcastic…… Of course, he eventually cracks. 

Sorry. This is impossible. Here we go - but I promise you - at this stage of the blog, my intention is to keep my words on the subject brief.

Goodness - this is hard! 

What was there about the eventual, inevitable, predictable outcome that Farhad Moshiri wasn’t warned about - or didn’t expect? What he should be grateful for is that it came to a head quickly enough for limited damage to have been caused to the club - just as it did at Real Madrid, Inter and Chelsea. 

I’m not going to make this personal. The above statement is a ‘fact’. So is this - Rafa Benitez should never, ever have been anywhere near the manager’s job at Everton. If he had an ounce of decency or integrity he’d have felt that way himself and turned Moshiri’s offer down in the summer - not wanting to tarnish his reputation at Anfield. 

I’m told he wasn’t going to walk - that he wanted his money before he left Goodison. Ok. He was contractually due - but morally? When Ruud Gullit realised he couldn’t win his battle with Alan Shearer at Newcastle he told Freddie Shepherd (the owner) that he was leaving - and didn’t want a penny piece in compensation. He just walked away. 

Especially for my friends at the Liverpool Echo - the following is true. Fact. He turned down the chance to take Philippe Coutinho to Goodison. Coutinho would’ve been a bigger attraction than Benitez. (Damn, I’m trying hard to keep this to ‘facts’). So Coutinho went to Villa - along with Everton’s best player, whose reputation Benitez tried to trash. And do you know who Everton were putting a deal together to sign instead of Coutinho? Sean Longstaff. Fact. Sean Longstaff - who can’t even hold down at place at Newcastle. 

It’s been the darkest period in Everton’s history. It’s been torturous for Evertonians - desperate for their team to win but not with Benitez at the helm. 

Did anyone else see this tweet from Dan Donachie - who Benitez sacked? He was the club’s director of medical services. 

Dan is the son of Willie Donachie - the former City full-back - so from good football stock and highly regarded in the game. 

Back to Everton’s latest dilemma. 

It’s Moshiri’s club (well - Usmanov’s) so he’s allowed to do whatever he wants. It’s his money (well - Usmanov’s) so he can run it as he likes. But I hope he’s learned a valuable lesson. 

It’s vital that he gets it right next time. As Andy Gray said on beINSPORTS this past weekend - ‘listen to football people now Mr Moshiri. You’ve appointed Graeme Sharp to the board - so listen to him. Take advice’. 

I read that Roberto Martinez is favourite. I like him. I can’t pretend to know him well, but his closest advisor is one of my best mates. Martinez knows the club and would be a calm influence around the place. 

Rooney’s name has been mentioned. Why not? He’s done a fabulous job at Derby. You’ve got to look beyond the points deduction to see that. By the way - Mike Ashley won’t buy that club as long as there are legal matters outstanding with Middlesboro and Wycombe. 

So either of the above - but if I were Moshiri I’d be testing West Ham’s desire to hold onto David Moyes. I’ve no idea if Moyes would take it - bearing in mind he’s shaken hands with Moshiri previously - only for Carlo Ancelotti to be appointed 48 hours later. Moyes loves it at West Ham - but he’s a Toffee at heart. 

How did I do? I tried my best, but I was always going to have to say something That was as inevitable as Benitez getting the sack! 😂. 

Another subject I’ve tried to steer well clear of in recent months is - Newcastle. That’s because our issues at beINSPORTS with Saudi piracy are settled. 

But in closing - can someone please answer me this? And before I ask question let me say I believe the player in question is a good buy. He’s perfect for what’s required in the project right now - but, how would the Toon Army have reacted if Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce had spent £25m on Chris Wood of Burnley - the scorer of precisely three PL. goals this season? 🤷‍♂️