Penalty save experts? Really?

Published: Monday, 28 February 2022

Well let’s hope we’ve seen the last of that. Football is such a simple game - why does everybody want to complicate it? Penalty save experts? Really? Remind me - how many did Kepa save before blasting his kick over the top? I’ve heard Mendy takes good pens - perhaps Chelsea should have got him back on somehow? What a load of nonsense.

Wasn’t Kepa the one Chelsea wanted to take off in their last final? Because Caballero was more likely to save City’s kicks? You couldn’t make it up.

Here’s a few questions on the subject. What happens if Kepa drops one in during normal time? What if Liverpool keep the ball for the last 90 seconds so there’s no chance of him getting on?

Mendy had just had close to the best game of his life. He’d saved everything that Liverpool had thrown at him. Who do you think they were more pleased to see in goal for the shoot out?

Why didn’t Klopp bring on his No1? Surely Alisson is better at saving pens than Kelleher? If not - and Allison had been playing - would Klopp have changed them? Of course he wouldn’t. I love Klopp because he keeps it all so simple. And his team reflect his approach to life - all energy. Brilliant. I’m glad Liverpool won.

A few more observations on the penalty expert. Mendy seemed to do ok at Afcon - no? And surely the next taker he faces has a huge psychological advantage? He knows Mendy isn’t fancied by his manager or team mates.

The game itself was a fantastic watch. That’s how I like to see my football played. Not once did I hear anything about possession or pass completion.
It was blood and thunder from minute one. Brilliant. For me it was a much better watch than had City been in the final.  

I know they play ‘beautiful’ football - and there are many that drool over it. I accept that - at its best - it can flawless - but I reckon either of Sunday’s finalists would’ve swept them away. I mentioned it last week. I believe Guardiola knows that and he’s worried.

He’s six clear again after Everton were mugged off by the most inept decision I’ve seen all season - and that’s saying something. There are plenty of VAR candidates. What didn’t Chris Kavanagh see that the rest of the world did? It’s a scandal that VAR has the final call on these decisions. I’ve told you before - that’s how Mike Riley wants it. It’s wrong. It’s scandalously wrong.

Mark Clattenburg in The Mail today ‘for some strange reason Tierney wasn’t sent to his monitor (he knows the reason) to make up for missing this handball in real time. Had he been given a second chance to look at it, he would’ve awarded the penalty to Everton. This was a shocker’. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Clattenburg’s article started like this ‘this is the clearest handball I’ve ever seen that wasn’t given’. Explain please Mr Riley.

Leeds had to sack Bielsa. If they make the right appointment they’ve got a chance of staying up. I’ll go early with my thoughts on Jesse Marsch. He’s obviously a talented coach. He comes with a very good cv - but. There’s always a but isn’t there? He knows nothing about the PL. Nothing at all about a relegation battle. As I write his appointment hasn’t yet been confirmed but I expect it will be.

If I’m a Leeds fan I’m not at all impressed that we’ve sacked our hero only to replace him with Jesse who?

I’m hearing that the 49ers wanted him in last summer - along with a wish list of players he’d worked with before - the likes of Minamino and Brenden Aaronson.

If this goes wrong they’re sunk and that 2024 buyout takes on a very different look.

I saw that Andy and I were trending Sunday after I suggested Big Sam should take charge until the summer. Why not? What have Watford gone and done - they’ve turned to an ‘expert’. Why not Leeds? This job has got Sam’s name all over it.

Last question. Why did Villa stay in London on Friday night?