Clear the mess up City

Published: Monday, 22 May 2023

This time next week….my team might be millionaires Rodney! Equally, they could be licking their wounds having come up short in the C’ship play-off final v Luton.

It’s a kind of win - half win for me. Of course I’d love to see Coventry back in the big time, but I’ve already said that if we weren’t to make it I’d like it if Luton did.

Both clubs have had a torrid time in recent years. Five years ago both were promoted from League 2. If Coventry get up they’ll be the first team relegated from the PL to have dropped to the bottom of the pyramid and claw their way back. Luton would be the first team to make it from non-league. Both have got an incredible story of survival to tell and be proud of. 

Sadly I won’t be at Wembley. I’ve got to stay in Qatar for the final day of the PL season. The travel just won’t work. But good luck to both teams and a big ‘thank you’ to Mark Robins and our magnificent fans for never giving up on the Super Sky Blues.

Just a couple of times I’ve allowed myself to think about how we’d get on in the top league. We’d struggle. We’d be ‘struggling’ Coventry. We’d be lucky to survive. I don’t think Luton would. It’s such a massive step up now.

For only the fourth time in history all three promoted clubs have survived their first season back in the PL. That’s quite an achievement in itself. All three had different a different formula - Fulham had Mitrovic.

Bournemouth dogged determination and Gary O’Neil. Forest had Steve Cooper, who had to work it out as he went. There was certainly no template to refer to for the madness he was dealt. 

Cooper deserves a medal. How on earth did he do it? Somehow he had to integrate 30 new signings on top of the regular problems that come with promotion from the C’ship. No wonder he looked to the heavens when the final whistle went v Arsenal.

I said they’d struggle. They did. I said they’d struggle to win 10 games. They’ve won nine. I said their home form might just be what kept them up  It was. And I said Lingard would’ve been better off at West Ham. I was right about that too. I’ll bet Cooper would drive him there if he got the chance to off-load him. My guess is Lingard won’t be at the City Ground next season.

I’ve said this before as well - if Forest fans would like to apologise for their season-long abuse I’ll accept it in good grace. You were out of order guys. The personal stuff was a disgrace. You let your club down with that.

City fans were all over me as well this past weekend. Look - enjoy your latest title win. Once again you’ve been the best team in the league. The table doesn’t lie. And your season might get a whole lot better yet. But don’t tell me you’re not fed up with hearing ‘Ah yes, but how have they done it….?’  I would be. If the same smell was hanging about Anfield, Old Trafford or the Emirates, I’m sure Liverpool, United and Arsenal fans would feel the same. 

Whilst there are 115 unanswered PL charges surrounding financial irregularities at City we’ll all be saying it. And it isn’t my fault so don’t have a go at me. It’s your own clubs’ fault. Demand answers from them.

It’s City’s gift to clear the mess up. What have they got to hide? If they’re innocent - open up now and prove it. Don’t drag the whole saga on for the next few years employing highly paid lawyers, whose job it will be to find weasel ways out of the trouble they’re in.

Until there’s a resolution of the issue every trophy City win will be tainted. That’s not fair on those doing the winning nor those doing the watching.

We’re in for a dramatic last day. If Leicester get done at Newcastle tonight (Monday) realistically they’re down. That leaves Leeds and Everton.

Despite crumbling at West Ham I fancy Leeds to beat a pathetic Tottenham, but even if they do it won’t be enough. I can’t see how Everton don’t beat Bournemouth, so it’s Leeds. Or are we in for one final twist?

Everton’s win at Brighton was the result that saved them. That was the one that turned the survival battle on its head. There’s always one game like it in any run-in. It’s rare that there’s two - but who knows?

 And finally - a message to La Liga President Javier Tebas, who insists that ‘Neither Spain nor La Liga are racist’. This after the disgraceful treatment Vinicius Jnr received in Valencia last night. I’m sorry - but both are Mr Tabas. Too many supporters from teams that play in your league are racists - so are huge chunks of Spain. You’re not alone though - that applies right across Europe and neither UEFA nor FIFA do anything about it. And nothing will change whilst fools like you keep your heads firmly stuck in sand.