What a goal Cole

Published: Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Brilliant Cole Palmer. Absolutely brilliant. What bollocks. I was as nervous as hell for him. There couldn’t have been a neutral watching that didn’t want him to score that pen. Imagine if he’d missed it. He’d have struggled to have ever been accepted at Chelsea. Instead - he’s a hero. Rightly so. And throughly deserved.

He was incredible. What pressure. And not only did he score - it was the perfect pen - at an impossible height for any keeper. It was the climax to a wonderful game of football.

Just a thought - had Palmer not wanted it I wonder who would’ve taken it? I didn’t see Sterling fighting for this one as he had in the recent game against Arsenal.

Palmer was so accomplished and if he was nervous there weren’t any signs. I actually thought Haaland looked more anxious when he took his. Or perhaps that was guilt? I’m not getting into another VAR discussion but City’s was never a pen. It is worth pointing out though that Antony Taylor marked up a unique piece of history when he gave it - that made it three weeks in a row that he’s given one that his guv’nors ended up apologising for - at Wolves v Newcastle - for Preston against Coventry (Mark Robins has since revealed he received an apology) and now Haaland’s. Well done Antony.

The only thing missing at The Bridge was Geoff Shreeves. The post-match interview with Sterling and Palmer was embarrassing. It’s on days like yesterday (Sunday) and after big games like that, that Shreeves is missed. Badly missed.

The pressure is off ten Hag I read - after four league wins in the last five. Really? Do you know who those wins were against? Let me tell you - Luton, Fulham, Sheffield Utd and Brentford. All of them scratchy - half of them lucky.

It wasn’t a good week for Tottenham was it? All of a sudden there are allegations flying about that they’re Spursy again. But let’s not be too harsh. They were never going to stay top, nor mount a serious title challenge, but they should be good enough to compete for the top 4. They’ve been good to watch so far and I think we’ve all enjoyed Postacoglu’s style of play - but he was naive - bordering on reckless v Chelsea. It was madness to play with that high line believing he could win it with nine. The only way they were likely to have got anything out of the game was to sit deep - try and nick a point - and who knows how valuable that point might have been come the end of the season? Lesson learned I hope.

Now Spurs have been checked no-one is laughing at Harry Kane’s decision to move on anymore. He must’ve been aware at the ironic mentions he’s had ‘but what if Spurs win the title in their first season without him?’ We’ve all been with someone who’s asked that question.

Kane has ignored it and got on with doing his job. He got two more at the weekend - that’s now 21 in 16 appearances for Munich. Here’s an interesting stat. Haaland had 22 in 16 last season before going on to score 52. It’s a stunning start for Kane. ‘Ahhh - but is it really that hard to score in the Bundesliga?’ asks Ian Hawkey in The Times today. Ask Sadio Mane Ian.

Kane is now one of the top 3 players in the world. I love him. He’s class. He’s like Haaland in so many ways but a couple stand out. Obviously he’s a goal machine but he’s also one of very few that are more concerned about their appearance on the pitch than off it. That’s what Arsene Wenger said of Haaland when talking on beINSPORTS recently. The same applies to Kane.

Sorry Jurgen. 12.30 it is v City when the PL resumes. I know that Liverpool have had more than their fair share of the mid-day Saturday kick-offs, but there’s nobody to blame except the guys upstairs - who greedily take the tv money without a thought for you and your team. Have a word with them if you don’t like it.

And finally a word about Wazza. It’s now four defeats in five - and no wins. Go back a few weeks and have a look at what I said when he was appointed at Birmingham.