Well said Jeff Shi.

Published: Monday, 08 April 2024

Well said Jeff Shi - Wolves chairman. If you missed it, this is what he said after seeing his side robbed of a perfectly good equaliser in the game v West Ham ‘when a goal is scored and not one person inside the stadium questions the validity of that goal, including both sets of players, coaches, fans and even the match officials themselves, it’s time to question whether someone remote disallowing that goal is really what football wants or needs’.

We all know the answer. No. It isn’t. It was never intended to be like this. I ask again - why are we trying to find so many ways to disallow goals? Why the forensic dissection to deny the one thing that supporters pay to see?

There was nothing wrong with that Kilman goal. The decision was compounded when the PGMOL issued a statement trying to defend the decision. They were wrong. There was no defence. The path of the ball was not over the head of the attacker and it was well to the right of the keeper. They were adrift on a matter of law.

I’ve got to admit I was a little disappointed in David Moyes’ reaction. His team have suffered a succession of bad calls recently - including one at Molineux. They too had a perfectly good goal disallowed, so why didn’t Moyes come out in support of Gary O’Neil and his team? He had nothing to lose. The game was over. It was a win/win for him had he backed O’Neil. The only way we’ll reign these refs in is if we pressure them together. Looking at that decision in the round would’ve been far more productive of Moyes.

Thanks goodness things worked out for everybody at Old Trafford. I thought Antony Taylor was terrific - one big call aside. Casemiro should’ve gone off for his late lunge. That was an awful challenge.

Utd/Liverpool is a huge game anyway but, of course, it comes with added pressure for Altrincham based Taylor.

Not for a moment do I think he would ever do anything but a professional job on it, but why put him under the added duress? It’s obstinate and arrogant of the PGMOL to keep doing it, knowing that something could go wrong. Just imagine if we were arguing over a similar decision to the one at Wolves following the game. Taylor would be slaughtered and it wouldn’t be his fault. It’s asking for trouble to keep appointing him to the fixture.

Palace should’ve had a pen v City. And was everybody in the bunker asleep when Maddison punched Ryan Yates off the ball at Spurs? It’s not so bad that Simon Hooper missed it - but it was as clear as day for VAR. Maddison should’ve been sent-off.

I’m told Jamie Redknapp didn’t want to make much of the incident on Sky. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Maddison models for Redknapp’s clothing company? If that’s not a conflict of interest I don’t know what is.

I must say, Arsenal are looking good. There’s a very real chance now they really will have something to celebrate this season. 😂.

I noticed Newcastle posted another dressing room pic following their titanic win at…..Fulham. 🤷‍♂️ The win must’ve felt good. Not many pick up three points there. The Toon were only the sixth team to do it so far this season. Well worth a celebration pic eh?

Sadly we lost Joe Kinnear over the weekend. Joe wasn’t everybody’s favourite. He certainly failed to win many friends on Tyneside - but he was a good guy, very good company, a real character and his contribution to the PL era shouldn’t be forgotten. Spurs fans will remember him as a damned good full-back. RIP Joe.

The battle to get out of the C’ship is fascinating now. It’s impossible to call it - the race for automatic promotion - or a play-off place.

How well have Ipswich done? The defeat at Norwich was untimely, but Kieran McKenna deserves a whole lot of praise for another terrific - whatever happens now.

Leeds and Leicester are the other two jockeying for an automatic place. I’ve got to admit there’s something about Leicesters bid that I don’t like. It feels like 2003 all over again to me. Their promotion that year - after falling into administration - led to the current regulations about financial mis-management being brought in. Once again they’ve got some serious questions to answer about their finances.

Good luck to all our teams in Europe this week. I don’t care who it is - when English teams play a European tie I want them to win it. We’ve got it all covered on beINSPORTS of course and I’m looking forward to meeting Jojn Obi Mikel this week. Jon will be one of our CL guests, along with our regulars. Join us if you can. I always feel the competition comes to life at this stage after a very long winter.