What else is there to say? You all saw it.

Published: Monday, 22 April 2024

I know. I’m late. I’m sorry, but my problem was knowing where to start after what happened at Wembley this weekend - and I’m not just talking about the Coventry game.

I’ve decided not to say too much on that subject. What is there to add? You all saw it. Nobody thought our winning goal should’ve been disallowed and those who argued that technology would end injustices were wrong when they did - and they’re wrong now.

Sadly, technology delivered an injustice of monumental proportions on Sunday and denied football a fairy-tale story that would’ve been talked about for generations. And in a week when the FA Cup, as a competition, so desperately needed some good news.

If I’m being strictly impartial - I wasn’t sure about the pen. If it hadn’t been given it wouldn’t have been overturned, so maybe we got away with one there?

That’s it. I’ve nothing else to say - apart from this - I’d like to see a change to the shoot out. On big-game occasions - when the crowd is equally split in a stadium - it’s just plain wrong that one team gets the advantage of taking pens in front of their own fans. We’ve got enough officials to make it possible for kicks to be taken at both ends - two assistants and the fourth. If you argue that it wouldn’t make any difference - fine, but let’s see. I believe it would.

In conclusion - I couldn’t have been more proud of my team, nor the fans from my home city. They were wonderful. Did you notice that we were the only team of the quartet in the s/f’s to sell our ticket allocation. Well done guys. It was a day I won’t forget for a long time.

In the other game, Chelsea should’ve had a pen. If ours was, so too was Chelsea’s. Grealish clearly makes himself bigger with the use of his arm. As I always say - the award doesn’t mean that a goal will follow, but with Cole Palmer on the pitch the chances are it would’ve done.

I’ve nothing but sympathy for Forest fans today. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I’m with you now. What a disgrace that was at Goodison. And not for one minute do I agree with Mssrs Jordan, Souness or Neville (Oh what selective memories some people have) that the club had no right to issue the statement that followed the game. Yes they did.

No team has suffered more from poor decisions this season than Forest. Wolves come close, followed by West Ham. Hold on…..I’d better stop there before I name them all. Fulham. Burnley. See what I mean?

No. After what I saw at Goodison, when I caught up on the weekend’s games, Forest are out on their own.

Let’s be generous - one of the decisions was debatable. But, in truth, all three were pens. And I’ve nothing against Everton, whose fans are both knowledgable and honest. They know, like United, they got away with one.

The reason I don’t have a problem with Forest’s statement is because I happen to know that they warned Howard Webb (showbiz showbiz showbiz) on Friday that appointing Stuart Attwell to VAR was asking for trouble. Attwell is a Luton fan.

That’s not news - we all know that now. Forest knew it on Friday and asked for Attwell to be removed - quietly and without going public. Good call. Why not?

Nobody at Forest was suggesting that Attwell would adversely affect the game. I don’t believe any ref ever sets out to make bad decisions, but there’s always the risk of a game turning out the way it did - with controversial decisions being made - and a stench to follow.

I’ve argued this so many times when Anthony Taylor gets games between Man City/United and Liverpool. Of course he won’t make bad decisions intentionally, but why run the risk of him making a genuine mistake that backfires on him? Why? It’s stupid. It’s also arrogant and stubborn for the PGMOL to continue this practice. It’s bitten them badly with Attwell. I feel for the guy. I really do. It’s not his fault, although you could argue that he should’ve recused himself.

Webb was fully aware of the dangers. He should’ve stood Attwell down. Referees wanted to play a bigger role on match days. They wanted to be professionals. They wanted to be taken seriously. Well with those things comes accountability and scrutiny. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is now. We all live in that world.

If the small number of us that keep asking questions and pointing out failings don’t keep up that work nothing will change. I’m with Forest on this one.