There should be no tax-payers money for United

Published: Monday, 13 May 2024

I’ve seen it all now. It’s definitely the correct decision - but United cancelling their end of season awards dinner? Wow.

The official reason is because they don’t want any distractions ahead of an FA Cup final they shouldn’t even be involved in. I think we all know the unofficial reason - there’s absolutely nothing to celebrate from a miserable season.

After this I’m done with commenting on ten Hag - but, for the last time - what planet does he inhabit? What game did he watch yesterday? (Sunday)

Before we heard from him I predicted on-air some of the post-match nonsense he’d be spouting - including the suggestion that Utd had gone ‘toe to toe’ with a team challenging for the title.

True to form, that’s exactly what he did. Of course he did. Honestly. No you didn’t Erik. They were poor, but got the job done. You were hopeless. One other thing - I don’t know if you’ve had a look at the table, but you’re 32 points behind them. Go. Just go. The job was always too big for you.

I’m glad Rooney questioned the commitment of one or two of the missing starters mind you. So did I. But can you blame them? They’ll all be fit for the final.

One last thing on United - and then that’s it for the season. Why all the speculation about Sunny Jim spending to fix OT? I thought the playing side was his responsibility? Surely fixing the roof (literally) is for the Glazers to do?

Perhaps that explains why Sunny Jim wants taxpayers money for the re-build? That should get a big fat ‘no’ from whichever govt is in power. What a cheek - the most valuable club in the world - owned by billionaires - holding out a begging bowl. No.

I checked my pre-season predictions yesterday. My top four were City, Arsenal, Liverpool - and for some reason I went Utd. Not bad, but Andy went one better and called Villa in 4th.

It was a brave shout and I remember laughing when he said it. Top marks to him though. He’s going to be right.

My bottom three were the trio that have been relegated - Sheff Utd, Burnley and Luton. Let’s not pretend Luton aren’t going. They’d need to win on the last day - and Forest lose - with a 13 goal swing in order to stay up. That’s not happening.

I’m sorry they’re going, but one win from their last 16 wasn’t good enough. They deserved their chance though and I’d like to think they’ll be back but I’m not sure. What is a certainty is that Rob Edwards will get a bigger job though.

Burnley had a go towards the end of the season, but it was too little too late. Vincent Kompany’s obsession with playing ‘the right way’ proved to be wrong and ultimately their undoing. Teams like Burnley can’t ‘play’ in the big league. They don’t have the players to do it.

I saw Kompany saying that he didn’t want to gamble with the clubs future by spending their way to another season. Really? Who was it that spent £111.05m last summer then? I have to say, if I owned Burnley, I’d have expected a better effort at staying up for that kind of money.

Sheff Utd never had a chance. They were a mess from day 1.

I’ve got to mention Bournemouth - for two reasons. First - they were robbed of another win by a combination of a rookie ref and VAR. Iraola was right - there was nothing wrong with either of the two goals they had disallowed. Not much was made of their frustration of course - because they’re Bournemouth.

Secondly - congratulations to Iraola for his Manager of the Season nomination. I guess he gets a mention because he’s steered Bournemouth to a record points total - 48 with one game to come - 9 more than last season? All that pre-season planning clearly paid dividends.

I look two places below Bournemouth and find Wolves - already five points better off than last season - whose manager was appointed three days before the season started. He had no time to plan. He’s also English, which is why he isn’t on the MoS nominations list. Well - I can’t think of another reason.

And if we give Sean Dyche Everton’s eight points back the Toffees also have 48. After a torrid campaign off the pitch - Dyche has worked wonders on it. No nomination for him either though. I wonder why?